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Discussion in 'Caregivers' started by snooks15, Jul 10, 2003.

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    I am semi new to the board. I was here a long time ago, then didn't have a computer for a long time, but now I'm back. I was on the Fibro/Cfids board before, but now I'm taking care of my husband. He's only been home from the hospital about a week, but here is what happened.

    In the middle of march he was working on a lathe machine at work. Well, his right hand got caught up in it and he came so close to losing his pinky finger, and also he had a chunck of his thumb that required 36 stitches. Afew days later he found a hand doctor. They waited for the stitches to heal and then took them out. He told us he might require surgery to remove the infection and nerves and that also happened. But he sent him back to work at least 2-3 weeks too early, and on the second day my husband came home sick with a temp of 101 degrees. This was on a Tuesday. By friday his temp went skyhigh to 105 and he was barely able to talk and was just staring at the ceiling. That's when I called 911. He was in icu for 2 weeks, all of his organs were failing. And all the physicians agreed that his sepsis came from his hand incident, but NO ONE would put it down on paper. So now we can't collect anything, but are very grateful he is alive. But it will take months to recover.

    Has anyone here had Sepsis or known anyone else who had it? They didn't give me anything regarding "aftercare" and I'm just doing the best I can on what we've got left money wise. PLEASE send suggestions if you can. I will be eternally grateful!

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    Sepsis can be very deadly, it is what took my father n laws life after having brain surgery. They were not able to keep the infection down and his vital organs failed. Look after your husband and make sure he stays hydrated and keeps his fevers down, if he breaks a 101, you make sure you take him back in to the doc :)

    Be blessed and keep us posted.