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  1. Mikie

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    Your post has been moved to the Chit Chat Forum as we try to keep our posts here more illness related and our posts about personal problems on the CCF.

    Love, Mikie
  2. kredca4

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    Greyzak, according to another post, got into the wrong chat room, not the Chit Chat board.
    Maybe just a suggestion to remind folks whoes post's you have moved, how to get there.

    I keep thinking that we cause a lot of Confusion, due to the names being similiar.
    Maybe we could change it, and if it was more Friendly a Title, people would probably go there without being told to.

    How about a contest?

    I know that the idea came from me, but please consider it, it's been on my mind for a lot time now, on how to get folks to come to the board, without it seeming like it's punishment, ;o) Cause it's not,... it's a great Board, more like what this use to be like. Not that this board isn;t, it's just to big and hard to keep up with these day's.

    So anyway, that might help, to change the name, that wouldn't be to hard to do would it? I'm not computer savy, as you know, so not sure how much work that word be.