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    Is a very deep level that cuts to the very core of our soul. Grief is beyond so many emotions.

    Thinking of all those in seems to take "time" more than anything to get thru grief.

    Change your environment, take a drive alone (if you can make it out), buy yourself flowers, write your feelings down or poetry, find someone who can show you love (here and now), give your kindness to a stranger.

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    I am in a local disabled group and my friend in there is terminal with emphysema and told she has but a few months to live. She is being so brave, has her home cleaned out, given away things she wanted to give away, made sure her cats were given away to good homes, has her grandchildren lined up to care for her disabled adult daughter who is paralyzed on one side and in a wheelchair, and she has her estate in full order. I can't imagine what she is going through.

    When she goes, I will miss her English accent (she is born/raised in England), her incredible humor, her intelligence and her wit. But I will be left better for knowing her. I will grieve that she will have passed, and will remember what you have written here. Thank you very much.
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    So sad to have to say goodbye..for her and everyone around her...she has been so brave and her courage is 'way' past words. to have to let your babies go. the hardest part. goodbyes hurt so much. Yearning to know your loves are ok and missing them so.

    i'm glad just a simple paragraph could help with the grief that will come one day, perhaps just a little bit of help. i know the inside of grief, it is a sorrow so deep. She sounds like a wonderful woman, with great wisdom. may her light shine. i did not know emphysema was terminal, but i would guess eventually it is, for it is progressive. Let us all not take the health we do have for granted. i am grateful even now for not being in heartache or grief, i'm very sorry for all who are.

    be well,

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    She has had the condition for so many years, but it has slowly progressed to a few years ago she had to go onto oxygen. She's now getting a bit of a grey look to her face and dark circles under her eyes because her lungs are not processing enough air through them. Even with the use of an hand-held inhaler medication, it's not stopping the disease. It is terminal for some patients and I understand that England has many cases that go terminal and she is from England.