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    Hi Everybody!!!

    I posted the topic about Grocery Prices about 10 days ago, and then my computer went bonkers!! I just got it back from the repair shop today. I apoligize for posting and then disappearing that way.

    Thank you to all who responded to my grocery prices thread. I saw bread for 3.00 a loaf yesterday!! Needless to say, I didn't buy any. I bought 3 packs of cornbread mix instead. I'm going to make Chili and cornbread.

    Hugs. doloresf1
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    I am eating a lot of beans, rice, and pasta(whole wheat)....The cost of food is out of control. Then again so is the price of gas, heating cost, and unemployment. Other than that, isn't life grand?????

    I may find myself homeless, moving to Florida so I will be warm......I just love the fact that those in government say that things are great... Sure they are when you earn the $$$ they get.
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    Hi there! Thanks for posting. Things are tough all around. It's hard to see how we will all get through these times. I'm coming pretty close to defaulting on my credit card payments. Then what?

    Hugs. doloresf1
  4. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member read my mind. I just read the tag on my diet bread (the only one the store had yesterday, and it was $4.39!!! I thought I was paying $2.39, as it said that under the breads!

    Well I will eat it very slowly for sure.

    The price of diesel has risen to $4.25 and more. The poor truckers, they are having a hard time. everything is going up. Each time we drive our son to the hospital it costs us $45 for gas and another $19 for tolls and parking.

    We keep our house at close to freezing due to high gas heat prices here in NY. It seems we can never catch up.

    Spring is on its way, but I hear a lot of folks who usually do farmers markets are not going to due to high cost of transport.

    You know there is also a wide variation in prices from Sate to State. NY has really high property taxes and they affect food prices, also places where they have to clear snow have higher heat or cooling, affects food prices as the stores have to pay.

    Animal feed has gone up too, so expect other price rises. Container ships run on oil too, and they are shipping raw foodstuffs, and things like sugar, beans, fruit, so they will be going up as well.

    But the oil company's all made huge profits this past year.

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    Remember that the farmer has to plow, plant, fertilize, spray for weeds and cultivate, and harvest the crop. All of these multiple trips up and down the field rows take fuel too.

    Refining petroleum also produces ammonia and urea ammonia nitrate = fertilizers.
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    Yes everything is going up but the wages are not that is ofcourse if you have a job and we are also having migrants brought in to work our jobs for lesser amounts

    Have you hear that in Zimbabwe its costs 1 million whatever currency they have as the currency has so little value

    What a dooms day times we are heading in, i do hope there will be some positive resolutions for it all cause we are all hurting

    angel hugs