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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by doloresf1, Mar 16, 2008.

  1. doloresf1

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    I am wondering if you good folks could please tell me how you are coping with grocery prices. I actually dread going to the grocery store. Things are only getting worse. Thank you for your input.

  2. tandy

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    I was seeing on the news the prices of grains/flour are skyrocketing!! they already are but I guess there going up more!!?? 1 lb boxes of pasta have gone up from 89 cents to $1.29! and breads!! OMG
    my weekly grocery bill has gone way up.
    I'm acually struggling now,..where I was ok a few months ago.
    I'm highly considering seeing if by some miracle I qualify for food stamps. a few yrs ago,..we did'nt. we were only $60 above the income guidelines.
    its getting hard
  3. stick2013

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    I absolutely hate going to the store to buy food. Every time I go, I find that the same food I bought last eek, has gone up once again....

    I use coupons, and sale dates to my advantage. I also use Walmart for what food I can get there. I am considering going to a food bank soon.

    I don't know ho large family's are doing this at all. I live alone and I am struggling.

    I hear that it's going to get a lot worse. I guess i could go on a diet.... and give up eating....
  4. rockgor

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    if, like me, you are old and remember what they used to be. When I was a teenager hamburger was 45 cents a pound. And you know what it is now.

    But, of course, incomes have also gone up. Statistics on the net show the USA has the lowest percent of income spent on food: around ten percent.

    The poorer the country, the higher the percentage. People in India average over 50% of their income for food. Japan is around 18%.

    My own method of coping is to shop at cheaper stores such as the 99 cent store. A dollar for a head of cauliflower instead of $1.69 per pound at the supermarket.

    Here in Los Angeles there are ethnic stores: Chinese, Armenian etc. Produce is much cheaper. for example, $1.39 a pound rather than $2.99. I know; not much help if you live in a little town w/ limited choices.

    Trader Joes used to have some good buys like cheese, but lately that's gotten almost as high as the supermarkets. Cereals are still available for 2 or 3 bocks tho. Nuts are expensive, but less expensive than the supermarket.

    Today at Ralphs the green bell peppers were a dollar a pound; the yellow and orange ones were 5 bucks a pound.

    I saw a lady at the store w/ a handful of coupons and a magnifying glass. Coupons are too tricky for someone w/ my brain fog.

    And I don't buy from the delicatassan; I make my own potato salad, tuna salad, baked chicken, etc. It's generally better anyway.

    But most of you probably do all this stuff anyway. Anyway it's a problem. The news reports say we are in a recession, but I don't see any prices coming down.


  5. Pottersclay

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    I can't complain too much. I benefit from some of those higher prices. We have chickens and sell eggs. The prices are higher than they have ever been and for over a year now. We heard they started to export eggs because some countries only go free range and the eggs get stomped on by the chickens, not to mention ANY noise scares a chicken and you will have a pile-up. Hello dead chickens!

    We also sell grains. So we benefit from higher prices there too. Seems weird having enough money to pay the bills now. The Lord watches over us no matter what the prices are.
  6. victoria

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    wonder how the prices compare to years ago like the 1950s or 1960s, once they're adjusted for inflation... I have read that fresh fruit/veggies ARE going up because so much is not grown locally anymore, since gas prices are up. . . and that because it's become so easy to manufacture, 'snacks' (ie junk food) nowadays are much cheaper than it used to be

    It would be interesting to compare... I think I read that at $110/barrel oil it finally topped or equalled the previous high for oil achieved in 1981 or 1982, when inflation was taken into account. An ounce of gold at $875 in 1980 would be worth $2,115 to $2,200 today.

    IE, gas at 25 cents a gallon in the 1960s (altho it WAS full service!), was certainly cheaper adjusted for inflation now, but wasn't only just a couple or 3 years ago.

    Or so I've read...
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  7. kjade

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    We go shopping for groceries once a week - this trip includes all food items in addition to toiletries, cleaning products, pet food, ect....

    For several years, we had been spending about $200.00 per week (for a family of 5, 2 dogs, cat & fish). Now since prices have continued to rise, we are spending between $275.00 - $300.00 a week!

    We shop at a discount store, and we know the price of every item we buy. They just keep going up & up - sometimes by more than 75%! For instance, my kids like these popsicles (if they could they would live on them). They have been 98 cents for about 2 years. Well in the past couple months, the price has jumped to $2.09 - and that is just for POPSICLES!! I keep hearing the prices are going up because of the high gas prices.

    I get sick to my stomach when I have to go grocery shopping - then I feel even more sick when they tell me the total! I understand exactly how you feel Delores! We have even cut out frivolous items, and it still isn't helping.
  8. joyfully

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    I'm more flexible with what I'm purchasing. I also have two pharmacies close to my home. They always have some items marked almost at their cost to lure you into the store. Their milk is 50 cents a gallon cheaper. Same with icecream. They have coupons for paper towels, toilet paper, etc. I'm now purchasing those items solely at the pharmacy.

    I look at the grocery ads and purchase accordingly. The price of eggs skyrocketed right before Easter. I just feel as if we are being taken advantage of.

    Then, you go through the check out counter and they sling your produce into the cart. so then you have bruised fruit , so you have to put that in the refrigerator and use it the next day. GRRRR!
  9. doloresf1

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    I have a chain-store pharmacy close to my home andI'm finding some very good bargains there for some grocery items such as toiletries, snacks, paper products, etc. I search the sales flyers that come with the Sunday News and buy accordingly.

    I, too, feel we are being taken advantage of. When does this become "price gouging"? And why doesn't the government step in and freeze prices?

    It feels like our plight is being ignored!

    :( doloresf1