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  1. IntuneJune

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    First, my apologies for this gross post, but overcame my fear of posting since I really would like to know.

    Last night spent a good deal of time ---guess what---- feeling nauseated and vomiting. At times I knew I was going to die, other times wanted to die. And during all of this, YOU GUYS came to mind! (Aren't you thrilled.) I felt my esophagus was going to separate from my stomach, and the lower abdominal pain was piercing, terrible. When fibromites suffer from N&V, are we feeling everything worse than the average Joe???? Because of the 3X Substance P floating around, does it affect everything like N&V? What is your opinion.

    Sorry if I have made anyone sick, June
  2. IntuneJune

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    Sorry Sandy, my post was not complete enough. I do not suffer from N&V on a regular basis. That night I had salmon for supper but it was well cooked, strawberries and pineapple. Also for the first time took two flaxseed capsules I had just bought at the healthfood store. I posted separately about this, has flaxseed made others sick? What I was trying to ask is WHEN fibromites suffer with nausea and vomiting episodes, do we have more pain with the same GI function as a nonfibromite. It was awful, I am glad I don't own a gun!!!!! Fondly June
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    In January of this year I got really sick and vomited. It was not so much painful as it was exhausting, it just didn't seem to want to stop. My muscles did ache a lot after the bouts though, like in my ribcage and neck.

    I understand that you got sick from probably something you ate, but I would like to know if others have quick triggers on the vomiting now. I thought mine was related to really severe anxiety. Anxiety is not new to me, but such deep levels of it are, and all through January I could barely eat the nausea was so bad, and any smell that was just slightly off would make me barf. I was living on phenergan. It finally went away, but now I notice that if I have a bout of anxiety the same thing happens.

    You think this is anxiety or a fibro symptom?

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  4. rbtheidmanhabs

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    Well I had the same for months on end evry for a long time.They put a endoscopy down into my stomach and discovered that I have helicobacter pyloria and gastric reflux.I am now taking apo-domperidone and prevacid every day and it is alot better now.I suggest you go to a gastroenologist to have this done and they will tell you right away what is wrong and give you a sript for it.Hope you're feeling better soon.

  5. nancyneptune

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    June, Yes, Sometimes I get coughing fits, and invariably I end up having to throw up from it and the stabbing pains in
    both my lower gut and stomach are fierce!
    It's a good thing the windows are closed cuz the neighbors would hear me yelling in pain and frustration. Excess substance P in our bodies has made me a big fat wuss. N
  6. AC77

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    After seeing a GI, and you have to do this to r/o a lot of causes. Your internist can prescribe Compazine, if you cant hold it down then they have suppositories which are very useful. I prefer Compazine to Phenergan by the way feeling it is marginally better and causes Less sedation.

    Until then Ginger capsules have been shown to be helpful for nausea. Also Get some Unsisom OTC at the pharmacy. take 1/2 a tab with vit b-6. This used to be patent medicine until 1983 for pregnant women with nausea, or hyperemesis. It is still available in Canada. It may make you sleepy, but should help

    For refractory nausea my top line is A combo of Marinol (basically Pot in pill form) 2.5mgs-5mgs and Compazine 5-10mgs every 6-8hrs, as needed,together. Studies show them to be better together and they cancel each others side-effects out! Marinol is schedule III med. and many docs dont rx it, but it has it's place. It is not good for people who have had bad reactions to weed or anxietty or pyschotic disorders.
  7. Stillkicking

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    Sorry your having such a bad time. There are several different causes of nausea. I have nausea and vomiting when pain/swelling/pressure in the sinuses increases. Do you have headache, postnasal drip and soreness when you press on your cheek bones?
    Substance P in our bodies is a chemical result of pain not a cause of it. Look for your source of pain.
  8. KCD

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    There is nothing worse than vomitting. I am always praying for the dear Lord to take me on to glory because it is so bad. I am extremely sore afterwards too. Thankfully, I only vomit when I am sick, BUT, I have suffered with the nausea stuff. I have an extremely sensitive stomach, and since I started Prevacid, I have been doing GREAT! It is an acid blocker. I hope this helps. Just remember that we are all suffering with you. Good luck and God bless.
  9. rosebud41298

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    I have to admit I don't feel real terrific in the early mornings anyways. But I also have Acid Reflux of which I take Prevacid which works the best. I take 30mg 2x a day. Some insurances are trying not to pay for it but usually if its the only one that works your dr. just has to send in a note stating you've tried others and this is the only one that works. There are other times during the day that I might not feel real good either. Something that works fairly well is "Ginger" pill. It helps for car sickness and others as well. I go thru spirts of nausea and feel like puking. Sometimes it means you have too much acid in your stomach which happens with acid reflux alot. So this is just FYI.

    Good Luck!
  10. IntuneJune

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    Thank you for your replies. I have the upmost sympathy for those who have sensitive stomachs and are prone to nausea and vomiting. I am so sorry.

    The episode was over that night. The next day I felt I had gone ten rounds with a heavy-weight champion. Sunday I still felt beat up. When family members get sick to their stomachs, they seem to be over and done with it. They also don't describe their episodes in such vivid detail that I usally feel. I hate being the DRAMA queen in the family (especially since I am the only female).

    This board is a SAFE place to ask such a delicate (ha ha - not so delicate) question. It is in the "throws" of the contractions (while vomiting) the PAIN is so severe, I am willing to throw the towel in. Take me Lord! Forget the husband, kids, grandson, dog, I want out. Never would I have courage to have those eating disorders.

    So I am assumming that we ARE feeling more pain during these episodes. The Newsweek Article "It's not in your head" proved with a functional MRI scan and applying pressure to thumb tips of FMSers and nonFMSers that we have increased blood flow involved in pain receptors in the brain.

    Reading is one thing, but YOU are my litmus test, this is why I am asking how YOU feel during these episodes. How do you compare your episodes with others? Thanks June.

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