Growing Orchids anyone?

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  1. I have two and they were gorgeous, now nothing. Is it true they only bloom once a yr? I have them in the east windows where they get alot of light . I repotted them, hopefully that isn't the problem. Anyone know anything about orchids?
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    That I kill them!!!! I can't for the life of me keep one going. Could be too that in the winter I have to keep my place at 55 degrees most of the day, and all night. Way to cold for delicate plants. I have a green thumb with most everything else..

    I do know that you probably shouldn't re pot them... They really like to be pot bound, and they do not like dirt, it's a bark like stuff they need to be potted in. Make sure that you water from the roots also. Sit them in a bowl of water for about 15 minutes once a week, and let them drain thoroughly.

    Good luck...

    Also feeding them flowering plant food is important too...[This Message was Edited on 09/01/2008]
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    Because orchids usually grow in the forest or jungles, they are used to moist air and not a lot of light.

    I had one live for 2 years in the bathroom, which had only one small frosted window. It did send up new blooming shoots periodically -- more often than once a year anyway.

    Good luck!