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  1. colorfulcolorado

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    I was just reading a light bulb went off...did anyone while they were younger have "growing pains" so bad that you cried yourself to sleep and now that you're older you have spinal problems and FM? Or just FM?
  2. sues1

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    Post Polio Syndrome

    Enter into search box......for a thread on this subject.
  3. angelscutoo

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    When I was in elementary school I would lay and cry with my legs hurting. My mom took me twice to the doctor who said it was growing pains. I now have fibro since mid 1990's and spinal stenosis as well as osteo-arthritis in my back so severe it has fused some vertebrae.
  4. angelscutoo

    angelscutoo New Member

    I just read major info on this and found a post that describes what states the Simian Virus-40 was included in the polio vaccines, Guess what? WV where I received mine was included. May well explain my health problems over the years.
  5. colorfulcolorado

    colorfulcolorado New Member

    Could you tell me how I would find out if I received the same kind of vaccine? Is there a website or something? I was vaccinated in/around 1962. I had a recent MRI and did have 2 disks fused L-5 and L-4 and now my spine fused itself all the way to the S-1. My fibro was diagnosed three years ago but I've been in pain at least 5 years prior. And when I did have the infusion I had to return to the hospital and have a flood draw(foggy today sorry) I can't recalled what its called at the moment, because I had those pains from the hips down and the doctor thought that maybe something went wrong so he took another look. Found nothing then referred me a neurologist who told me all my pain was in my head! I never went back to either doctor not even for a check up,only to get my stitches out.
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  6. dinodebi

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    i had severe growing pains and migraine syndrome when in jr high. now we know it was the beginning signs of FM. which makes me very worried since my youngest daughter (will be 13 next month) has had growing pains for a couple of years. and my oldest daughter (14 in oct) is already on meds for migraines.
  7. landra

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    maybe not that bad, but bad enough to not do my vounteer work on sunday mornings at the hospital. I have degenerated discs in my lower back, not due to a specific injury. But I DON'T have FM, "just" CFS.
  8. hatbox121

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    I had growing pains bad. My mom took me to the dr. who just said they'd pass. I would cry they hurt so bad. I now have narrowing of spine, bulging discs, FM.
  9. becc

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    Yes, I had terrible growing pains for many years. I have ME with a lot of pain - I'm no longer convinced that I have FM as I have a lot of joint pain as well as muscle and pretty much all my symptoms are covered by ME.

    It certainly seems that a lot of people with ME / CFS / FM had growing pains but I don't know that there has ever been a study into the relationship. You'd have to know what percentage of people who had growing pains as a child *didn't* develop these illnesses later in life to determine if there's a connection.

    Bec :)
  10. jenn_c

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    I can't remember when I didn't have pain but I have 2 children. My daighter is almost 16 and my son is 9. My son in particular has been having alot of aches and pains for months now. Mostly within his back. The doctor said he has muscle spasms. He is a very sensitive kid. Emotionally and physically. His skin is sensitive as well. So I don't know if it is like sympathy pain from me or could it be more. I know they (doctors) are looking into a genetic link. My biological mother was diagnosed wtih Lupus years ago. The blood tests came back normal and they wer going back and forth from Lupus and RA. So I wonder if she actually has fibro. I pray my children do not end up with this. Jenn
  11. wyserheart21r

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    Hi new to this board....
    And just like the rest of you, I am having way to much fun with my FM...:((( As I child I can remember lying in my bed with my back hurting, at about 8 my Mom took me to the Dr's because my knees could not bend, too painful, he said at that time I had some form of arthritis...quite the coincidence huh?
  12. angelscutoo

    angelscutoo New Member

    Here is the information regarding the states in which SV-40 was in our vaccines.

    "I probably got the info listed below off of this board - but I thought it was stunning news. Also, think about something called Epigenics or Epigenetics, there was special on PBS a few months ago about the ability of offspring to get more than DNA from their parents. It's aparently documented that we can receive the physical insults from our parents as well - such as those induced by polio. My father had polio, so my ears perked right up when they were saying this stuff.

    But, regarding the live virus based vaccines:

    1950's Contaminated Polio Vaccines - A Deadly Cure
    By Geraldo Fuentes

    If you received a polio vaccination in the 50's, you may have gotten more than you know...

    . . .The government had initiated the mandatory polio vaccination programs in 1955. . . This happy story of medical marvel has a deadly glitch. And it is especially deadly if. . . you received your vaccinations in the 1950s, in certain states. . .

    In 1960, researchers discovered that the polio vaccine distributed to certain states was infected with another virus called "Simian Virus 40." SV-40 is a monkey virus that is not normally found in humans. . . Injected into research animals, the SV-40 virus causes brain and lung cancers. Now, some forty years later, its effect on humans is just being investigated.

    . . .SV-40 also has been found in 23% of blood samples and 45% of sperm fluids taken from normal individuals! Researchers have determined the SV-40 virus can be transmitted sexually and through blood transfusions.

    Even more shocking, SV-40 has appeared in 61% of all new cancer patients -- patients even too young to have received the contaminated vaccine being administered forty years ago! How could this happen?

    . . .By 1963, the estimated number of tainted polio vaccinations was estimated to be upwards of 98-million! The SV-40 virus that contaminated the oral polio vaccine quickly spread from child to child and from child to adult, crossing state lines and national boundaries. By 1960, when the virus was first detected, it was already too late to prevent its dissemination throughout the population. The FDA quietly and gradually instituted a program to eliminate rhesus monkeys, who harbor the SV-40, and replace them with African Green monkeys that are free of the virus.

    According to the National Institutes of Health, high levels of SV-40 were identified in polio vaccines in Washington, Oregon, Wyoming, Utah, Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Washington DC, Maryland, Delaware, New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Vermont and New Hampshire.

    Low levels of SV-40 were found in California, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Texas, Kansas, Nebraska, North Dakota, Missouri, Louisiana, Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio, and West Virginia.

    Polio vaccines in the other states show no SV-40 present.

    . . .Many people, like myself, were unaware that a potential for cancer had been implanted in their body. Researchers say that, by age fifteen, the virus stops shedding to others. . . "

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