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    Hi everybody!!
    I was diagnosed with growth hormone deficiency last June of 2002 and was on humatrope for 8 months. I didn't feel anything for 2 or 3 months and then started to get really fatigued. I was working out 3 times a week for 2 hours at a time and weighed 130. I have been working out most of my life and it always made me feel great! I got to the point this past Feb that I could not work out at all because I felt so awful. My new endo has not come up with an answer.
    I now weigh 150 and have to sleep 10-12 hours a night and still feel horrible. I was diagnosed 2 months ago with fibro and am taking tramadol for the pain. I am also having ruptured silicone implants removed in 2 days.
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    subject just a couple of days ago. You might want to do a search for growth hormone and read them. Is humatrope a prescription or the injections? I was told by the Endocrinologist Dept that the over the counter HGH do not work. I also had the testing done and have low growth hormone. Did they do the testing to try and stimulate your pituitary gland?


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    Hi Dara! My stimulation test showed that I had a true growth hormone deficiency and I was put on Humatrope which is given by nightly injections. I don't know if you have seen any of my other posts, but the Humatrope made me feel worse and my new endo said he had to do some research on it.
    That was 2 weeks ago! I haven't been on it since Feb this year and now I am really messed up! My insurance is BCBS Federal and they payed for the Humatrope since I had the stimulation test which proved it.
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    Mestinon for you to try? It is suppose to help your pituitary produce growth hormone by itself. So, if I understand this you had the stimulation test and your pituitary gland "Did Not" produce GH, is that right? I took the Mestinon for over a month and could see no difference, in fact, if anything I've been more fatigued and in more pain than I was before.

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    I had the stim test in March (?) of this year. My IGF-1 level is about half of what is normal for a female my age, but my stim test showed my pituitary gland produced growth hormone. Endo told me since it did, there was nothing he could do for me and referred me back to my original docs.

    Feels like a Catch-22 type situation. I ordered Pure IGF online and have been using it for almost a month. I have to admit, I wasn't crazy about the prospect of daily injections, due to the cost and the already astronomical cost of my health insurance, but my Endo felt this wasn't indicated anyway after the stim test.

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    I have growth hormone deficiency (with CFIDS)
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    are you IGF1 numbers? Mine is 70.
    My endo did not seem to care and it is far
    below the low endo fo the range.