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    My endo just called and said my numbers are indeed below the norm and he has submitted papers to my ins to pay for the shots. He said they will most likely deny and i will have to appeal. If I appeal and they deny again then the company will provide me with the stuff for free.

    He also said he felt there was no real risk as long as your numbers show you need it. If your numbers are fine and you take it, like people do seeking eternal youth, then the risk goes up. He also said the new stuff is a much more purified form making it safer.

    This whole thing should take more than a month so its more sit and wait but Im excited about the possible of being me again. Dont pinch me, Im liking this dream!!!!!!!!!
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    this is good to know!! I am happy for you. Hope it all works out. What was the test you had done? And what is the company that is willing to give you the stuff for free? What is your insurance? I have BCBS, and I am wondering if they are going to cover HGH. How did you find your endo? Does he specifically work with CFIDS and FMS? Do you have both?
    Thanks in advance for answering all of my questions.


  3. sofy

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    The original test was done by another endo, at a hospital, and it was igf1 which was 50 which is quite low but not alarmingly low so she said. This test was to see if my pitutary still mfg's growth hormone. They take blood, inject you with growth hormone and then take blood samples every 15 min for an hour. This is not the hgh supplement stuff. It is by injection and prescription only.

    The Dr. I found on some holistic thyroid site of which I probable couldnt ever find again. He is just about an hour away so I thought I might be able to drive that far. He deals with anyone who need an endo::: ie thyroid, diabetic, osteoporosis, etc.

    If you click on my name it will bring up all the posts I have made and you can read all the specific numbers on the post I made about the lab test results.
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    Please keep us updated once the treatment begins. Good luck to you with this.

    Love, Mikie
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    I read your lab results, which are like greek to me. I guess I will know more as I try to figure this out and get tested. Sounds like I need the stimulation test, not what the doc i saw, who is a d. o. did. Please keep us posted as to how things work out for you.