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    Hi all.

    Just was wondering if any body has ever tried this 'growth hormone' and to what effects it had on them. From what ive read it can do all sorts of things for you.

    Regards..... Shazzy
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    I havent heard of this,whats it used for.I went on your profile and see you are from uk,i am from South Wales not far from you.This is a great site wish there was something like this over in the uk.REGARDS SHARON
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    I don't know how many of our posts survived the recent purge of old posts. You can try the search feature.

    There is a test for growth hormone levels. There are two ways to deal with hgh supplementation. One is to take the injections from your doc if your test shows a low level of hgh. These have the drawback of feeding any cancer cells in the body, and some docs stay away from this treatment for that reason.

    You can take the supplement which will stimulate the body to produce its own hgh only if it is deficient. This site sells a form of the hgh called sucretages (sp?). There is also a form which is liquid and sprayed under the tongue. This product is made from bovine material and it is a good idea to ensure it does not come from the UK. I have used the liquid and it does make a difference. I have not yet tried ProHealth's product but plan to when my liquid runs out. These are safer than the injections as they do not feed cancer cells in the body, but they are animal products as opposed to the injections which are synthetic.

    Love, Mikie
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    I love Mikie, but I don't agree with her on this one.
    There are many double-blind studies showing that only the injectable hGH works. The rest is placebo effect. Also, you are carefully monitored to make sure that the amt. you are getting injected only brings you up to the normal level, so you aren't feeding any more cancer cells than you would have anwyay, if you were a normal person. I have not seen anyone using the stimulators or secretagogues go back to a normal life. I do know of 3 people who were able to go back to normal life, job, etc. after starting the injections.
    First, you need the correct test. Do NOT get a direct test of your hGH level, as this is normally at zero and only rises at certain times during sleep and after exercise. If your insurance will pay (most won't, so check ahead of time) the best test is an hGH Stim Test, which is performed at a hospital usually, and takes about 4 hrs. It costs about $800, so check your ins. first! If you can't get that, the next best thing is an IGF-1 blood test, which can be performed right in your doc's office and sent to a lab. Make sure you are not taking any supplements that may slightly elevate your hGH for at least a week before the test. This would include any bodybuilding supplements like creatine or ZMA, as well as the amino acids arginine and ornithine.
    30% of FMS patients will test as too low in hGH. The injections are expensive, so getting into a study where they will be paid for is your best bet, unless you are loaded with $. Eli Lily has a good study going, but they require the hGH Stim test for admission to their program...they will not accept the IGF-1.
    I was sure this was my problem, as I had many of the symptoms of low hGH, but my IGF-1 came back low normal at 103. Normal range changes with age, so be sure to ask for your results and the normal range numbers for your age if you have this done.
    Best wishes,
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    It's not a matter of agreeing or disagreeing. Anytime something is injected, it is usually much more effective and since tests are done before anyone receives the injections, there is less liklihood that there will be an overdose of the hgh. There is no doubt that the injectibles are much more efficient for anyone who is low in hgh.

    I did attend a seminar where an expert immunobiologist spoke and he said that many doctors will not use the injections because of the danger of feeding cancer cells. He felt this to be a real, dangerous side effect of the injections. He said the average person "gets" cancer 200 times a day but that the immune system kills the cancerous cells before they can thrive. The problem is that we do not have functioning immune systems.

    Perhaps this danger can be mitigated if one were to use a doc who is an expert in the use of the injections and keeps a close eye on hgh levels. I'm not saying it's bad or good treatment, but I do believe when a treatment has potential serious side effects, that should be made known. You can probably find experts on both sides on this issue. Again, it always comes down to our and our docs doing a risk/benefit analysis.

    One can always find a study to support one's position and often, despite observable benefits, the studies will show that everything is due to the placebo effect. It's often wise to see who is doing the study and why. Behind many studies is a hidden agenda. There is a strong lobby by the traditional medical community and the government to try to discredit supplements and other nonprescription treatments.

    When I use the hgh stimulant, I sleep better; my skin is healthier, with the oil glands producing more oil like when I was young; my libido is high; and vaginal lubrication is vastly increased. Since I am menopausal, dryness would otherwise be a problem. I have a hard time believing this is a placebo effect, especially since the benefits go away when I quit using the hgh. In fact, since I seem to benefit from using the hgh, I really don't care whether studies show it's a placebo effect; I'm receiving a benefit. The worst side effect of using the stimulants is possibly throwing one's money away.

    I am not advocating using either treatment. Each of us has to decide for ourselves whether we will try a particular treatment. I offer only info here plus my own experience with the hgh stimulant.

    Love, Mikie