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    A month ago I was so pleased with my doctor, today I want to strangle him. He prescribed Xanax 0.25 mg for me to take at night to help with the RLS.

    A week ago when I went to see him, he asked how the Xanax was working. I told him I wasn't taking them every night just because they are addictive. He agreed with me and said.."less is better". He told me when I needed a refill, to call his office and they would refill it.

    Well it was a 30 day prescription. I had it filled 5-9-03. I called the office yesterday to ask for a refill and they never called it in. I called the office today by chance and luckily they were open. I asked why the refill hadnt been called in, and was told it was "too soon". Well lets see...the script reads..take one tablet at bedtime by mouth. I skipped 5 nights out of the month. Doc says call for a refill, I call and they say its too soon!!

    I dont want to sound like an addict here, but it helped me out alot for my sleep. I can stop taking it today and would be fine with no withdrawl, but I guess the doc is afraid I will become addicted. This is the doc who says to take Tylenol for pain!!

    OK I vented. I'm over it. Thanks for listening.
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    It's totally frustrating sometimes. If you lived closer to me, I'd give you mine. I hardly ever take them and end up tossing med's out. What a waste.

    Don't ya feel better after a Vent? I sure do, realease's the Stress, which in it's self wil helpf with Pain and sleep.

    Hope your day get's better.