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    Pardon me if I just vent for a moment.

    When my husband had his SSDI hearing on February 3rd (where we had been all but assured by our attorney that the judge would approve his case - after 3 years of waiting!!) the judge stated that he needed some clarifying information, which we provided within 36 hours. He was going to give the information to a medical expert.

    Before my husband left the hearing room, he and the attorney were given a date of March 22nd. We were under the impression that we would have an answer on March 22nd, at another hearing.

    Since Tuesday my husband has been attempting to contact the paralegal at the attorney's office to ask what time the hearing was on Monday - because I also have a doctor's appointment that day. He sent e-mails and left voice mail messages. By today at 4:15 we still hadn't heard anything, so he called AGAIN. The paralegal called back about 5 minutes later and said she didn't know anything about another hearing on Monday. SAY WHAT?

    So, she called the judge's clerk and found out that, no....there wasn't a hearing.....the date of March 22nd was just the date that the judge wanted all of the information in his hands. HELLO! HUH? We had given the judge the information right after he asked for it.

    So - why the h*ll haven't we heard anything yet? I guess the judge can just set an arbitrary date 3 millions days from the original hearing and not make a decision even when he has the information immediately. So who knows when we'll find out? Not me! And yes, I know we're not the first ones to go through this!

    OK.....I'm finished whining. Thank you for coming to my whine and cheese party!! You're all excused now! :)

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