Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Feel like venting?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by elastigirl, Dec 8, 2005.

  1. elastigirl

    elastigirl New Member

    Anyone want to vent this morning? I'm having such an awful week, must vent!

    First, ran out of a MUST have supplement, went to the store where it was buy one, get one free, but they were SOLD OUT. Now it's been snowing like crazy; don't know if I can get out! OWWWW!

    My son's catching a cold. Grrr! I don't mind at all for myself, but his father wants to pick him up tomorrow (after driving for hours,) and if I tell his dad he's too sick to go to my ex's sister's house (her house is about as warm as a refrigerator,) my ex will get mega-mad at me. Yes, the ex will do what's right for our son, but he'll still be angry with me. You know how that goes.

    THEN I banged my hand on the corner of the stupid stove handle over a week ago -- thought the bruise would go away -- but it didn't, it got worse. The pain worked it's way up my wrist, then to my elbow, then to my shoulder (probably because I was favoring that hand, holding it stiff!) GRRRR!

    I had to see a doctor in case I broke a bone. I didn't, but I have a deep muscle tendon bruise that causes radiating pain -- and have to wear a splint for three days on my DOMINATE hand. GRRRR!!! (It's off right now, but I just have to get this stuff off my chest.)

    So because of the doctor's visit, I had to move yesterday's to-dos today. But now the snow! Ugh, I still need to get my son's hair cut and our pics taken at WalMart. If I can't get it done today, my son won't be back till Monday, and Monday and Tuesday nights he has school functions. GRRR!

    Now it's snowed. Looks like a few inches. Will have to wait for the reads to be cleared and traffic reports to come in before testing the waters. My to-do list is about as long as my arm, and I only have 50% use of my right hand. GRRRR!

    I wanted to send out Christmas cards this weekend, but my hand hurts too much! GRRR!

    Plus there have been tons of great posts on this board -- I want to participate -- but no time! GRR!

    On top of all of this, my toxic sister-in-law is still putting the screws to me. She doesn't care about me or my son. She just wants me to come back and be her slave. Her operation is in 8 [oops, edited, 10] more days. She sent my brother over last night to put on a guilt trip, but he didn't say a word about her -- TG! But he's thinking about leaving a good job for an unstable one, GRRRR!!!!

    Toxic SIL has been pressuring one of her clients to hire my brother so she could have more cash in her pocket, screw the benefits, which she actually needs because of all her health problems -- but she lets those bill go to the collection agencies, so no worries there. GRRR!!

    What a week! So much more happened, but this has already turned into a novella. GRRRR!!!
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  2. elastigirl

    elastigirl New Member

    Thank you for the tips, support and prayers. I just really, really want the grouchies to go away. My son suffers for it :(. I was making so much progress on the house, errands, etc., that it's soooo hard to see everything backslide.

    I know a lot of my grouchies are because of my SIL. The worst of her demands is yet to come, right at a really bad time for me. Christmas and all that entails (she doesn't celebrate and doesn't care that I do,) a doctor's appointment on the 29th where I'll need to stop my supplements a few days ahead (Merry Christmas!) to help ensure a correct diagnoses (ow!) and major dental work on January 4th (double ow!) GRRR! It's all about her. She's the only one with FM per her conversation with my mother. Double GRRRR and UGH and IS SHE INSANE?!

    Just got done shoveling out my car. My hand is throbbing, but I found by loosening the splint a little, I can type. Now I'm physically wiped out, so I thought I'd visit the board :). The good vibes here really help :). Maybe there'll be a few less GRRRRRs by the end of the day :).[This Message was Edited on 12/09/2005]
  3. Fudge43

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    Have you ever really said what you think to those toxic people ? .. I had to .. more than a few times .. and I have ended relationships to save my sanity and health .. Some times you really have to muster up your spine and put an end to such a draining occurance .. the worst thing is to keep "eating" it .. save yourself before it is too late and and your child suffers way too much .. I'm not saying it is easy .. and a lot of people can't seem to be able to do what is sane and desperately NEEDED to help themselves .. but I hope you will think about it .. either put your foot down to the nonsense or cut them off completely ..
    I can't imagine living any other way now that I have turned my life around from that ..
    I wish you good luck and some peace of mind !
    Fudge : )
  4. SherylD

    SherylD Guest

    I think we all have days(weeks) like this.

    My to do list is really long and I just keep sitting on here talkin to all of you!!:)

    I need to go pick up my christmas cards, sign all of them and get some stamps and get them sent out.... and I still am not done decor. my house for the hoidays. I always have Christmas Eve here with my family so I like it to be sorta decorated. I am no where near done x-mas shopping.

    I am on hold right cuz I just took my daughter to the dr. yesterday and she has strep throat. YEAH! Now I just hope my son( or anyone else) doesn't get it.

    As for your sister in law! Forget about her!! I use to have allll sorts of problems with my Brother and his wife. She is a you know what!! My brother finally sided with her though and I have not talk to my brother now for about 2 years. Which is sad.. But he chewed my butt out one night and I haven't talk to him since. That night I had this HUGE weight lifted off of me. It was always sooo stressful. I don't like to deal with people who cause so many headaches and make me feel like the bad person when I was always trying to make things right or happy. So I just avoid these type of people even if they are family!

    Hope your day gets better soon!!!

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