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  1. deepak

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    Hey Jam,

    I am finally planning on trying GSE , thanks to you speaking so highly of it.

    Are there any contraindications or anything to be careful of ? I take BP medicine - does GSE lower BP or anything like that?

  2. jaminhealth

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    too for the last 5 some yrs....tried sooooo hard to keep it under control w/out meds, but I had to succumb...

    It may help keep it lower, but it never goes too low, believe me...

    Grape Seed Ex thins the blood, so if you take blood thinners from an MD, then caution....keeping the blood thin keeps us from clotting and sticky blood...

    I've NEVER had issues in all the 17 yrs, just a lot of relief....jam
  3. deepak

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    Arginine helps to reduce BP too plus its heart healthy
  4. jaminhealth

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    of trying to bring BP down, I took Arginine for a while but it wasn't doing it with all the other "stuff" I was ended up with the meds....

    I think Arginine is a precursor to HGH too.

    The amino acids play a lot of roles in building blocks of our body.
  5. deepak

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    Dr Bruce west of healthalert whose newsletter I have subscribed to, says treating BP upto 160/100 is not needed and its just a scam by pharma companies who keep reducing acceptable levels every few years to sell their drugs !!

    who to believe !!!!
  6. jaminhealth

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    has their whole guidelines for BP too....way way against the pharma guidelines...

    check out Weston A Price and Blood pressure, you'll find their info....

    It blows me away too.....I believe so much is a scam in the medical "industry"....cholesterol for sure.
  7. jaminhealth

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    and their "rules" called.

    I get a health newsletter from Dr. David Williams in his recent one, he talked about the life of prescription drugs and how pharma does NOT tell you they have long life....MOST have long life some don't and I'll report them later on this thread.

    They want you to keep renewing the scripts to get "fresh" drugs as they make more $$$ each time....even when they get quite old, they may lose 10% of the effectiveness...

    I don't take a lot of drugs, but had to buy amoxicillian for dental visits since hip replacement and they have a 4-5 yr life...not what the label on script says, they tell you when to discard, this is not true. Even the pharmacist said the drug was good for 5 yrs...I keep it in the refrig as I don't use them very often....

    Dr. Williams calls them Unnecessary Expirations and about 100 drugs were tested and 90% were still good even after 15 yrs....

    Those that didn't remain viable were: nitroglycerine, insulin and liquid antiobiotics....

    Maybe I'll do a separate posting on this subject.... [This Message was Edited on 01/10/2013]