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  1. Jane_Canuck

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    Smoooooooootchies ladies!

    I did a little shopping today with out hubby aorund so I could read labels!

    I was desperate for hand cream and hair spray. I did ok took only 15 mins reading labels and I was outta wal mart.

    I have a question though, I know I read something int he book about parfum and fragrance to watch for the hidden possible sals there but I can not remember what exactly it said nor could I find perfum or fragrance in the back of the book to look up the referance in the chapters.

    If anyone remembers what is what on that it would be great!

    I got Suave Rave hairspray. OMG it is so good the hold is awesome! I am happy at like $1.89 I think a bottle. I also got Suave skin therapy Vita E moisturizer Every ingrediant checks out perfectly so this is awesome.

    I remember someone in one of the posts saying that suave was pretty good and if I remember rihgt I saw it on the guaidoc site too.

    I also got Jergens Soft Shimmer skin moisturizer, it has the fragrance in it which is what I was questioning. But it was on sale for $2 if I do not like it or can't have it then I will gift it on to the lady that is doing my body mapping.

    She is a great pal and also a reflexologist. I am photocopying the parts of the book with the mapping in it for her to read and let her also have the guaidoc site to look it up further I told her I would pay her $20 a visit to get htis done. It saves us money and helps her train for her to do something else too as a service.

    Bought some vaseline lip balm at wal mart too was happy for that my lips have been screaming at me since the weekend.

    Hubby keeps waffling over the guai, but I just keep saying you married a 30 something not an 80 something. I want to feel and act 30! Or well.... 33 and 3/4s lol.

    I saw my new chiro today too and he was so shocked at my weight that I was when I graduated from high school to what it is now that I was very distracted. I think that is one of the first things he wants to work on with me. I see him I hope friday to get the full results of what he thinks of all the testing he did today. Weird part was that he insisted that my hubby come with me to the next appt.

    Well done the babble catch you all tomorrow! Smoooooooootchies can't wait to get this going!

  2. Jana1

    Jana1 New Member

    I love the thread title, it really made me smile...

    I am so sleepy I can't think of anything to say except my husband is amazed at how much better I have been...He loves it!

  3. Smiffy

    Smiffy Member

    The advice from my UK Guai group was to wear the perfume on our clothes, not on our skin. I think can be very high in sals,particularly the expensive brands,although there are some cheaper body sprays that aren't (which I don't like).

    Are you going to start Dr A's weight loss diet? Best wishes to you Brenda, your lovely enthusuiasm is so infectious.
  4. Smiffy

    Smiffy Member

    I mean enthusiasm! Tell your husband that his waffling is affecting my spelin!
  5. bigmh

    bigmh New Member

    Hi Brenda...your post made me smile! I hope that you join us...with this protocol, we have hope of getting better!

    Blessings, Ann
  6. janieb

    janieb New Member


    I'm new and obviously much older than the rest of you. I retired two years ago at 60. I posted the questions as to whether fibro was progressive. It appears that the answer is NO, but as we get older, our bodies have more trouble coping.

    Have read the book and want to try this protocol. Printed the lists and don't need either of the diets. My problem is finding a doctor who is supportive. My GP will write the prescription, but I would like one who will work with me.

    Agree about the fragrances. The problem with so many is they use the essential oils for fragrance. Have just been spraying it on my clothes.

    Nice to meet all of you.

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  7. Smiffy

    Smiffy Member

    Hi Mary, you're very not much older than me - I'm 54. You don't need a doctor's support to do this protocol (which is a good thing as there aren't any here in the U.K. that offer it) you can do it from the book & with the help of the Guai group message board, where queries will be answered. This can be accessed from the link on Dr St Amand's 'Gauidoc' website & will send you a daily digest of the board if you wish. It has a list of toiletries, dental products, make up etc. that is sal safe. Good luck!
  8. bigmh

    bigmh New Member

    Hi glad that you are going to join the Guai Gals. We have a great little support group going here...we've only begun a couple of weeks ago and are keeping track of each other.

    With the support of Smiffy and Mikie, the guai gurus, we are in a great place. It's nice to meet you...Ann
  9. Jane_Canuck

    Jane_Canuck New Member

    hi Mary you are welcome to join in at any time.

    Guai is available all over the net watch prices in shipping and just the pric ein general. I did alot of compairison shopping before I set about doing any buying.

    This was so I had alot of time to work my mind around the protocol and get the book read properly which I am still working on.

    I have someone who wants to learn mapping she is a reflexologist and I think she will do very well with it.I have just photocopied the pages in the book she needs and wrote down the web site for her to let her look at it so we can start sometime next week.

    There is a difference between perfume and fragrance it said it right in the book and at times fragrance is acceptable I just can not find the flipping reference.

    I am llooknig for a new doc period, but will go ahead with the protocol anyhow even if I do not find a doc cause I have to get well period and a doctor is not going to hold me back from my goal by pumping me full of drugs and chemicals.

    I DID GET MY GUAI TODAY!!! I opened it up since every reference to it says that it is reallly big pills but you know it is not so very big and mine smells like chocolate! I KID YOU NOT! I have the prohealth FA Guai, dye free 400mg/100 tabs. I had hubby smell it too to make sure and he confirmed it really did smell like chocolate!

    eheheh and they worry we can't control ourself taking our own meds ehehe well when they smell like this it is no wonder!

    Hope all is well, I am tired today since i have had 2 days in a row of driving to and fro hubbys work to get home and do errands in town. THat is over 5 hours of driving a day and I Have ot do it tomorrow too. I hate it. I am too tired for all of this and do not get naps! grrrrr

    oh well tommorrow is the last day of it and I do not have to go as much, so hopfully a nap will happen some where, I am happy even if I get an hour in the car waiting for huby to get out of work/

    ttfn all smooooootchies brenda
  10. Dee50

    Dee50 New Member

    I love the
    Welcome Janieb it's nice to meet you. I'm 50 years old and I just started the Guai Protocol 3/8/2006.

    Warning: fragrance can be a blocker. You have to call the maker of the product and ask. If they say fragrance and some # after it that is OK but if its a flower/plant fragrance it will block.

    Take care all and good night.

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