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    I am 35 years old and have had CFIDS/FIbro for 8 years for those of you that did not know. I have taken Olive Leaf off and on during the 8 years along with exercise and deep massages. I have recently started OLE....500mg a day in the morning and Guai 900 mg at night before bed. I am on week two of doing this routine and I can already feel the difference in my body. I found that the guai seems to be working fast on my body along with the OLE. Let it be known that I have spent the last 6 years taking OLE off and on and have gone through many detox/Herxing which has rid my body of toxins. I have also done sweating therapy that has helped clean out my body. I have had to take prescription potassium supplements due to the extensive encouraged sweating. I have also given myself daily massages (that hurt) as I lay in bed each night. It has not been easy because as I have released the toxins in my body...I have felt very sick to my stomach and have sent myself into many flares and herxing. So, since I have worked so hard on detoxing my body for years the guai seems to be taking care of pulling the remainder of the toxins from my cells very quickly. This may seem odd to many of you...but you all know just how receptive we CAN be to our bodies and to how they are reacting. I can feel the difference..I know I am improving. I stopped feeling the flare caused by the guai yesterday morning so I increased my guai from 900mg to 1500mg last night...and this morning I feel the flare back again. Something has to be working here. It is not a regular is a healing can tell the difference. I just wanted to share my progress with you all and these results may be unique..but I have never been one to do things by the book. Thanks for listening.......Hippen
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    HI..What is Guai? And where do you get it? I am taking ole, and think it is helping..Should I be doing something else too? Any advice is welcolmed..Thanks, mary
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    check out the message "For Anyone Interested In The Guai Treatment" posted by Mikie.

    You can get a prescription from your doctor, and I've seen supplements for sale here. I'm personally not trying it yet because I still smoke and that's a no-no.