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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by janieb, Jun 9, 2006.

  1. janieb

    janieb New Member

    Still on the 1200 mg per day. Going to the Fitness Center 2-3 times per week (per my doctor). Why do I feel so crappy? It seems the aching is getting worse.

    Went through the routine today at the center, picked up groceries, and now I want to crawl under my electric blanket.

    It's a high of 69 here today and dripping a little. Yesterday was warm and sunny and still I didn't feel like walking, even around the house.

    Is it time to call my doctor who advised on the protocol and fitness center? We do have lots going on with strawberries starting, but most of my work is banking and secretarial. Arranging for ads, etc.

    This is really some of the worst I've ever felt. Not so bad that no one can touch me, but bad.

    Advice, please.

  2. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    The aching happens when one starts to cycle and the body starts pulling the debris out of the soft tissue. It's more painful coming out than going in. The debris is in crystal form. It can feel like tiny fish hooks being pulled through the body. If this pain is more than you can stand, you can cut back on the dose a bit. As you tweak the dose and get it just right, you should cycle with some achy days with some good days in between.

    Cycling can be subtle at first. Some have a painful episode followed by only a couple of hours of feeling well and others will have good days or even weeks. It differs from person to person. I had some good weeks early on, alternating with the Guai flares.

    This may be your proper dose but like I said, if the pain is more than you can tolerate, you can cut back. It can take some tweaking before you get it just right. Also, the initial flares can be more painful than what happens down the road.

    Good luck.

    Love, Mikie

  3. janieb

    janieb New Member

    I've been on the phone with my niece and she also read the book and had the same thoughts. I had thought it would be like six weeks before this happens.

    No way am I cutting back. I want to do this as fast as possible and will just put up with the pain. Can't say my husband isn't happy about losing his servant, but he can just get used to it or I'll do it and pay the price, since he's working 18 hours a day now.

    My specialist never did mapping. An earlier doctor, a neurologist did check the trigger points, but that isn't the same thing is it? He made the diagnosis of fibro. She has used has used this treatment on many patients) and with a 50% success rate. Do I need to be mapped?

    Actually, although she said she used it, I get the feeling that I knew more from the book than she did; however I was just happy to find a doctor who knew somthing about it.

    Was hoping I would hear from you yet today, and someone was listening. This is great news.

    Going to have to cut down on the traffic going through our home. Last night we had four teenagers staying in our downstairs apartment that we just finished remodeling. Did a little cleaning down there first and thought that and the exercise might have brought this on.

    Blessings on you and yours.


  4. Smiffy

    Smiffy Member

    Well done on finding your dose JanieB, just think of all that nasty phosphate leaving your body. Being slammed with pain isn't any fun tho'. Are you taking a calcium tablets with your meals, to bind the phosphates so they leave via the intestine rather than the urine (which stings)?

    Being mapped would be wonderful if you can find someone to do it. It's not at all the same as finding the trigger points, you're right. It's a map of all the accumulated phosphate lumps that the therapist can feel (some of them are too deep). You can print a map off from the Guaidoc website for your therapist to chart.

    I'm going offline for a few months now, so wish all you Guai ladies courage to do this, & better health. I have so much more energy now since starting in August - I used to spend nearly all day in bed, just waiting & hoping for the energy to turn over so that I could ease the pain. I don't feel so dizzy sitting & standing either. Still a long way to go before I can walk to the local shops tho'! best wishes xxx
  5. Smiffy

    Smiffy Member

    Forgot to mention that now could be a good time to switch to a slow release brand such as Mucinex, if you can afford it. That way you will be reverse cycling gradually all the time, instead of being 'slammed' twice a day. I'm sure Mikie will advise you. x
  6. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Smiffy, we will miss you. Hope you'll be offline because you are busy doing fun things.

    Janie, even docs who tell their patients about the Guai don't always know as much as their patients do, especially the patients who really read and understand the book. Physical therapists are often good at finding the tender spots. If you ask about trigger points, they will be looking for something else entirely. People with Myofacial Pain have trigger points where there is a "snag" in the facia like a snag in a sweater. It causes referred pain in another part of the body. These two terms often get confused.

    Our tender spots are in the book. One is supposed to have 11 of the 18 predetermined sports to officially qualify as having FMS. Docs use this more for diagnosing than anything but I've yet to go to a doc who checks them all. Even my specialist only checked the ones in my shoulders and lower back area. I had a lot more than the 18 "official" spots. I knew where mine were from just touching them. The ones on the outside of my upper arms were sore as boils. They are gone as are the really tender ones under my arms down by my rib cage.

    I think if people want a complete program where they can chart their improvement, mapping is fine. For me, it wasn't that important. I can feel for myself the tender areas and see that there is improvement. If your specialist doens't do mapping, she may know who does. Even a massage therapist will feel the lumps. In fact, people often get massages and say they feel better. That's because massage can break up the crystals in the soft tissue. Only problem is that the debris has no where to go and just gets deposited back in the soft tissue again. That's why massage is only a temporary band aid.

    Start looking in your urine now for bubbles; the phosphate can make the urine bubbly. Also, you may see what looks like talcum powder on top in the toilet. That is the phosphate debris in the urine. The smell may be different as well. In fact, my sweat had an off odor to it when I first started the Guai and cycled. Once, when I made a big jump in dose, I noticed that there was something building up in the bottom of my slow-flushing toilet. I had to break it up and it looked just like the tarter on one's teeth. That is what the phosphate debris looks like. It had been collecting in the bottom of the bowl.

    One more thing to look for. You may have more buildup of tarter on your teeth. I did. Once the Guai starts allowing the debris to be excreted through the kidneys, it comes out more in all the body's fluids. That can include saliva and tears. Some notice tears stinging a little bit. I have had that too.

    These are all little clues that the body is flushing out the debris. That's good news. Continued good luck to you.

    Love, Mikie
  7. janieb

    janieb New Member

    Thank you, ladies,

    Feel somewhat better today, but must have slept 10 hours out of the last 24. Husband arrived home last night with a bucket of berries at 9 p.m. and asked if I wanted to make a shortcake. Of course I did not, but, of course, I did. Now lots of it is in the freezer for future use.

    My doctor found all 18 trigger points. Even the ones I hadn't become aware of yet. I'm very sore on the side of my shin bone. Is that natural?

    I'm really hoping this is a reversal and it wasn't just a bad day, but I'm sticking with the dosage. Glad to have the tips about checking the stool, etc.

    Think I read that the 400 FA worked just as well. I could take them 3 times a day rather than twice if that would help. I ordered quite a lot of it from the store here on line. Also ordered the toothpaste. What are your thoughts on that?

    Was back at the book last night. When they wrote that the 400 FA wasn't available yet, but I'm sure I read that Dr. Armand approves of it.

    Let's pray this is working and not just a very bad day.



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  8. Dee50

    Dee50 New Member

    Hang in there and don't be shocked if the guai hits many of your body parts all at the same time! That is what happened to me anyway. The bottoms of my feet in the morning are so sore. It hit about 15 or more different places of my body at the same time. Take care
    1200MDR Guai 3/9/06
  9. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    The shin bones are very tender in PWFMS. That is solely how my rheumy diagnosed me. He ran his finger down my shin bone and I just about jumped off the chair.

    Love, Mikie

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