GUAI ladies...Guaifenesin Protocol info needed today....

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    I've already read a ton of back threads on this but want to have a quick dialogue before seeing the doctor tomorrow.

    This is a pre-emptive question. I’ve read a bunch on this site and online about the guaifenesin protocol. I will be going to see Dr. Sanders Davis who was trained by Dr. St. Amand. He is trained in the protocol. From what I read, it looks like this protocol can be rough and make you feel worse than you already do in the beginning.

    I work a fulltime job and don’t get sick days. I can’t afford to take any “days” off. I’ve been leaving an hour early here or there but if I can’t work for a day or two I’ll be in big trouble. Has anyone gone on this treatment and been working a fulltime job? I’m willing to try anything right now as I couldn’t get out of bed most of the weekend. However I can’t afford not to work. I’m just trying to see if this is an option for me.

    I'm barely making it by right now and need to do something.

    Please advise…. I want to have some input before I see him tomorrow afternoon..

    Thanks… Chris

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    I don't work but, as you know if you've read the back threads, I do consider myself reversed.

    You can start out on the Guai at a very low dose and slowly increase it. Almost everyone will have a Guai flare at some point. That indicates that one is cycling on the Guai. Cycling just means that the old phosphate debris is being pulled from the soft tissue. It is painful when those phosphate crystals are pulled through soft tissue. I have likened it to a feeling of tiny fish hooks being pulled through my muscles.

    It is usually not necessary to have extremely painful Guai flares, but we are all different and no one can guarantee that even a small dose would not cause a painful flare in someone who is sensitive. That is why it is recommended that one start out slowly and build up to the right dose. Personally, the Guai flares were no more painful than regular flares and my Fibro Fog almost immediately cleared up. I started having some really good days.

    Reading the book, becoming sal free, and learning how to tweak the dose are all necessary to success on the Guai treatment. One must do all these things before starting the treatment.

    Good luck to you.

    Love, Mikie
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    This information is more along the lines of legal.

    If you apply for the "family leave act," my understanding, at least in Wisconsin, is that they must grant you the equivalent of 12 weeks per year. They don't have to pay you, but they must give you the leave, even if it's on an intermittent basis.

    Perhaps this won't be helpful, but I wanted to try it.


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    Thanks for the info. The company I work for is too small to qualify for the Family Medical Leave Act. Also, I couldn't afford to be out for any period of time.

    I don't know what this doctor would do for treatment either. I'm assuming since he is listed under the GUAI treatment page that would be his course...

    Like I said I'm willing to try anything but it has to fit in with me working a fulltime job. I'm barely getting by now physically, emotionally and finacially. Anything more right now I won't be able to handle it. I'll know more tomorrow night.
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    leaving for the day... looking for more info for tomorrow.

    I have a doctor's appointment with my PCP in the am and hoe to be in by 11am.

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    I can't seem to find this message on the board.
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    Good luck at your appt. today, I'll be checking in when I can to see how it went. My mother is here visiting so it's hard to find time to get online....

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    Hi...I know this may be late, but wanted to add my encouragement. I don't have a full-time job and even before I started guai, I had to mostly quit my part-time job.

    For me, the pain before guai and after guai is not much different. I began guai on March 9, and since then at times have had more good hours that lead me to believe that it is working. It is the only treatment that I have found that actually reverses the symptoms of fibro.

    As Mikie said, we all react differently, but I think it is definitely worth a try. Best of luck to you, Chris. Let us know how it goes with the doctor.

    Blessings, Ann