Guai Ladies, Need Advice

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  1. janieb

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    Hi gals,

    I've been called for jury duty. I called the clerk and explained the situation. She said it wouldn't be more than a one day trial; they had comfortable chairs, and it might very well be cancelled before July.

    You all know we're up to our eyebrows in strawberries - 500 flats the last picking and that's only one patch. My days are going from 5 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. and I'm most certainly feeling it.

    Still on the same 1200 mg daily. Probably won't see anything more happening until we're done with the season?

    Have any of you done jury duty under these circumstances, and does anyone think I should up my dosage now?



  2. bigmh

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    Hi Janieb...I requested a release last year when I was called. I cannot be sure how I will feel an hour from now let alone tomorrow or on a certain date. For me I am unable to commit to jury duty, meeting a friend, or going out to dinner with my husband. Therefore, I could not be sure that I would feel good enough to attend and concentrate on a trial.

    I know that you are busy with strawberries, too. I would think that since this is your livelihood that maybe you could be released on that basis.

    I wish you good luck....and most of all, hope that the guai is working!

    Love, Ann
  3. Mikie

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    Where I live, you can either have your doc write a letter or you can send a copy of your approval for disability from SS. I faxed it to them and I'm permanently off the list. I wouldn't want me on my own jury on a day when I'm tired and can't sit still.

    Love, Mikie
  4. janieb

    janieb New Member

    As always, good advice.

    The strawberries would be done by then, but what convinced me was Mikie's comment about not wanting us on her jury - that's paraphrasing. I wouldn't want me on my jury, either.

    Our doctor just called this morning to give me a report on my husband's tests. By the way, she says there's nothing wrong with him, except that he's going to be 65 in August and he thinks he can work like he did at 25. I should have asked her for a letter to not serve jury duty. It's a shame. My father used to get called every couple of years and I was waiting for them to call me. Thought it would be interesting.

    Unless it was a good day and I felt well, and the accomodations were very comfortable, it wouldn't work for me, even for one day. And, I certainly don't feel well today.

    Just going to lay around and maybe sweep the floors. I'll be free until about 5 p.m., so it's a good day to take care of me.

    Anyone thinking I should up my dosage of guai?

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  5. Jude

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    Dear JanieB

    If you are in the strawberry patch and picking that many strawberries a day and not wearing gloves then you are probably blocking. You should have on long pants and a long sleeve shirt too. Cotton gloves will not work well either as they become wet and the salicylates soak into the skin. If you were preparing strawberries for a meal that would not block you but what you are doing is definitely enough to block. I like to grow flowers and I'm not going to stop but to do this I have to prepare differently than I did when I wasn't using guai. With a little preparation I can still grow plants and use my guai effectively.

  6. janieb

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    Forgot to mention that I don't work in the patch, or even selling. I'm the person on the phone and lining up things, hiring, bookkeeping, banking etc. I do sometimes fix a quart for the house.

    Lord, girl, I wouldn't last an hour trying to pick strawberries. He has to be satisfied with what I do in addition to the meals and housekeeping. He doesn't pick either, but he does do the irrigating, hauling and selling.

    We work from 5 a.m. until after 10 p.m. without ever picking a berry. Count your blessings.

    We have a community of Amish that we contract with to do the picking, packing, etc. They're wonderful and so very reliable. We've become very good friends.

    Thank you so much for responding.