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    Off topic - but why do some posts just demonstrate a 'b' or 'bump'. What does this mean (new here)???

    I've been taking Guai since 1999, I think. I've tried to stop - but nothing keeps my pain at bay except Guai. I won't take any Rx drugs for the pain, but I often wonder just what the Guai is doing to me. Why it works, etc.? It just (blanks) me off that I can't take any herbs while taking Guai. If I do - they just negate the benefits of my Guai. I really don't agree with Dr. St. Amand about the phosphate theory. I do know that something is coming out in my urine - what it is, no one seems to know. No one is willing to do a REALLY proper and honest evaluation of Guai. I'm on Salt/Vit C protocol for Lyme Bb, but may quit this so I can begin mercury chelation. Don't want to be miserable with Lyme herxs while having adverse symptoms doing chelation. Thought I'd start with the mercury issue and then see if this will help with my Candida and maybe my immune system might kick in and kill all the Lyme Bb and co-infections that are living in me due to mercury messing up my immune system from doing its job. This is my own theory and what I want to do - but we'll see if I can indeed tolerate the mercury chelation and accompanying symptoms. I just hate treating only symptoms - I want to treat what is causing all of my FMS, CFS and Lyme symptoms!

    Doris (55 yo and ill for about 15 years now)
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    I do believe that Dr. St. Amand's theory is true but I also believe the Guai works for additional reasons no one knows for sure. The Guai has slight blood thinning properties but not enough to cause problems. Chronic infections can cause hypercoagulation and that may be why the Guai helps. The Guai, by itself, likely doesn't thin the blood enough to get rid of the overgrowth of the fibrin, though.

    Guai also thins mucus and mucus is where stealth pathogens hide from the immune system. If the Guai also thins lymphatic fluids, it may increase lymph node drainage.

    These are just a couple of theories and may or may not hold water. I'm just glad that the Guai works, for whatever reasons.

    I know it's frustrating that no one has found the cause and cure for FMS. I also know it is difficult to have to have a comprehensive treatment regimen to treat all the associated conditions. Still, being able to reverse the symptoms of the FMS itself is almost as good as a cure. Once one has the dose down, all one has to do is let the Guai do its thing.

    I also have CFIDS, so I'm not completely healed but it is a huge benefit to me to be able to concentrate on the CFIDS and stealth infections and not have to worry about the FMS symptoms. I consider myself reversed. It really doesn't bother me not to be able to use herbal supplements. The tradeoff for me is that I'm no longer bedridden most of the time and on Morphine for pain.

    Best of luck with everything you are dealing with.

    Love, Mikie
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    Cant help with the guai situation...but I just wanted to tell you that "bump" is when you want to move the post up to the top of the board. Some people will just put a 'b'.

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    Haven't been on the boards lately. On guia two months now. Have a few questions for you.
    1. When can I expect to see phosphate being excreted through my urine? Can you describe what I'll see? For me seeing is believing. lol! I am not being mapped.

    2. I did the blocking test. I am NOT blocking at 1200 mg a day and 1800 is to harsh as far as pain tolerance. So to me that means that 1200 is my dose. Would you agree?

    3. I take Pro Health Guai 400FA three times a day. Rather than 600LA twice a day because it is more cost effective for me. Is this ok?

    I really appreciate how knowledgeable and helpful you are when I have questions about the guai protocol.
    Take care,
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    I answered on the other thread. Actually, Jude answered and I'm glad as she is more knowledgeable than I when it comes to the Guai Protocol.

    Love, Mikie

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