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    can anyone of you tell me if guai or a yeast reducing product can be more efficient in relieving pain of fibromyalgia. have any of you used either of these and what were the effects you have received. as of now, i live on a diet of tramadol (as small a dose as possible--like 25 mg. daily) and clonazepam 1 mg. daily for my symptoms of pain and difficulty moving. i also sometimes take xanaflex small amount nitely when i am more severely affected. please, if anyone has results on the difference or the use of either guai or a yeast reduction product, let me know.

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    The Guai is used for a different result than reducing yeast.

    If you go to, you can read about the Guai treatment. It has been a God send for me for pain and the other symptoms of FMS but it is a long-term treatment which requires the protocol be followed exactly. It takes patience and commitment.

    If one has a fungal infection, it needs to be addressed. Any infection can keep us run down which affects our pain levels. Hope this helps.

    Love, Mikie
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    even though i had most of my symptoms under control i was still having achy burny pain.
    then i started threelac for yeast and the pain went away.
    obviously the yeast caused my pain so treating it did the trick.
    try it. if it does nothing than you know to try something else....good luck dear.