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    Hi all,

    I have been reading the many threads about the Guai Protocal and feel rather dumb about starting yet another one but, I do have a question.

    My Guai experience happened 'by chance'. Last year I was dx'd with pnemonia and the er doc recommended the otc med, Mucinex, to help clear my lungs - which turned out to be straight 600mg Guai. I had known for years that Guai was useful in FM, just didn't know it was so easily available otc.

    Sure enough, as many have here have mentioned, starting the 2x's a day rec of the dr sent me into a fibro flare but from what I'd read here I chose to ride it out. When I began to feel better I didn't know if it was because I was getting over the pnemonia or the Guai, or both. However, I have kept taking the Guai, cutting back to 1 a day, as I noticed it also help my allergy symptoms, keeping me from getting too plugged with congested. I became more convinced about it after I ran out of money and couldn't buy it for a month, went right back to being congested and hurting all the time until I could afford to buy more and, walah began to feel better within days.

    So, my question now is this.... being unemployed, low in funds and unable to afford the book, can someone give some insight into just what the "protocal" is about? I'm gathering it has to do with variation in doses or something.

    Thank you all for your help
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    That is the website. You can buy the straight fast-acting Guai at this website in the store. It's cheaper than the Mucinex and it works as well if not better.

    You may be one of the few people who can tolerate salicylates without blocking the Guai. Normally, people using the Guai for FMS must remove all sals in supplements and personal-care items or the Guai will not help with FMS.

    Salicylates are in aspirin and botanicals. For instance, hand lotion containing aloe vera would block the Guai in a sensitive person. Some of us can tolerate no sals and some can tolerate a few. If you were to eliminate the sals, the Guai would be more effective for your FMS and you would need to take less. Of course, if you need it for other reasons, you couldn't cut back.

    Hope this helps you to continue to get the benefits of the Guai and save some money too.

    Love, Mikie
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    Can you borrow the book from a library, or buy a second hand copy? It is essential to understanding the protocol.

    Alternatively, try the Guaidoc or Guai Group Message Board web sites for help.

    You need to eliminate mint dental products, avoid asprin, herbs & toiletries containing plant products. There is a list of recommended toiletries on the Guai Group web site. You should wear gloves when gardening or doing housework.

    Your correct dosage is one that makes you feel tolerably worse. The treatment is for life, even when/if you eventually feel well.

    There is a recommendedlow carb diet outlined in the book.
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    Thank you both for your advice. I've been to the web site and read the Guai Protocal section and have been slowly going through the products in my home, although I didn't realize it would affect the EFFECTS of the Guai. I will definitely note the name of the book and look for it in the library and the used stores, maybe Half-Price Books. Hadn't thought of that avenue. Gh-duh.

    My big question is really about dosage. I thought I was pushing it by taking the 600mg 2x a day but then I read a post where someone is taking 2000. Is mine still considered a relatively low dose?

    Thanks again.
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    The dosage that you're currently on is the one that works for most of us. If your symptoms are not tolerably worse,( & you are sure that you're sal free) you can slowly increase the dosage until they are. Good luck!
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    Forgot to mention that you shouldn't take herbal supplements or chew gum (cos of the mint). You need to read that book! x