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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by orachel, Oct 25, 2005.

  1. orachel

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    Hi there!

    I have a few brief questions...and I've already checked out Dr St Arnaud's site....1st of all, is the "What your doctor doesn't tell you" the best book to go into detail not only about his theory's as to why Guai works, but also to offer PRACTICAL DETAILS as to how to do it?

    If not, please suggest some other reading material. My budget is very limited, so wanna make sure that I'm getting the best bang for my buck.

    Here's the deal. I got sick (reeealllly sick) about 4.5 mos ago. Have been to tons of docs, on tons of scrips, and nothing making a substantive difference. Biggest issue is mondo uncontrolled pain....highest med I'm on is ultram, which just isn't helping me at all. My pain levels are typically in 8-10 range, pretty much constantly. That's one reason I haven't looked into Guai in depth before...I just didn't know if I could HANDLE symptoms getting worse before better.

    For about a week, I've been sick as a dog...flu, cold, whatever...really nasty infection. And I'm somewhat prone to pneumonia from childhood, so when it moved into my chest, I realized I needed expectorant asap.

    Now, I swear I'm not an idiot, but I never made the connection that GUAI was Guaifenesin (as in same stuff in my cough syrup! LOL)....I happened to be reading Starlany's FM and MPS book right after I took my first dose of Robutussin with Guai. DUH! I couldn't believe it! lol

    But then I realized that my doc appt isn't till this Thursday, and I really could not afford to have my lungs affected by this infection for that long. So I continued to take reasonable doses of Robutussin, till my husband and I ran out (he's got nasty infection too!).

    Sure enough, by the next day, I'm "expectorating" (sorry...a bit gross!) like crazy, but my pain levels are EXTREME and I can barely move. So now I'm intrigued.

    So, I went for about 24 hours without any robutussin or guai as I was just too sick to get it! Then yesterday I went to the pharmacy and got Mucinex (guaifenesin only) 600mg extended release, and followed dosage instructions, and so took about 1200 mgs yesterday and 1200 today...

    But I am ABSOLUTELY reacting to this Guai. Does this mean to anyone else (cause this is what I'm thinking) that the Guai protocol may work very well for me? Obviously, there's a lot more to it than just taking mucinex, but does the fact that I'm having such severe reaction to it (ie: toxins releasing bigtime) indicate to you that this might be effective for me?

    Can ya'll give me some guidance here? I printed the Guai protocol on guaidoc...but obviously its not all that detailed. Any suggestions on where to go from here? I know I should read Dr. Armand's book....but any other newer works out there that are maybe simplified or more "practical" for following? I'm super foggy, and am obviously going to be suffering in a huge way initially. So I need an " 1+2=3 " kind of a guide to this if I'm not going to snarf it up just by getting confused.

    I'd appreciate any advice! Oh, and I've not yet started the "protocol" but will continue to take the mucinex, if to get rid of my infectious lung stuff if nothing else so I don't end up with pneumonia. Any thoughts?

    Thanks all!!!
    Looking forward to responses. I'd always thought of Guai protocol (because it is so detailed and must be followed exactly) as something I'd look into in the future, after done with all my specialist testing, etc...But I never guessed I'd have such a HARDCORE reaction to robutussin! That's just prompted this line of my mind, if my reaction is this severe, it means I am being cleansed of toxins, right?

    Hugs to all (but not too close...ya'll don't want the yuck I've got! LOL),

  2. Manwithfibro

    Manwithfibro New Member

    Then notice my urine is foul like it is pulling something out.

    I have experimented with many different guais and think Mucinex possibly is the most tolerable. It has BOTH a short acting and a fast acting ingredient. If I use only short acting, I flare way too fast. If I use a longer term one, I don't seem to make any progress lump and bumps wise.
  3. Smiffy

    Smiffy Member

    You have started on way too high a dose. The increase in symptoms is supposed to be tolerable. It is essential to read & understand Dr St Amand's 'What your doctor may not tell you about fibromyalgia' (the one with the same title but the word 'fatigue' at the end is more about diet. The book took me about three months to understand because of brainfog. It is also essential to follow the book exactly, as otherwise you are wasting your money. There are things that block the Guai from working, such as mint in dental products.

    This is not a detox. Dr A's theory is that we are genetically unable to eliminate phosphates from our bodies & that are symptoms are caused by our bodies storing them. Used properly, the Guai is supposed to help rid ourselves of the stored phosphates.

    This is not an easy or a quick answer. It takes determination & it puts us firmly in charge of our own health. Good luck & let us know of any other questions that arise. But do read that book!

  4. Smiffy

    Smiffy Member

    Now I'm not so foggy, I'll answer your question properly:

    1) Take 300mg twice a day for one week. If you become tolerably worse, that's your dosage.If not, double it to 600mg twice a day. Most people reverse on this dosage. If not, double it again after 3 weeks.

    2) If you have carb cravings, you need to do one of Dr A's two low carb diets - one is for weight loss, the other for maintenance.

    3)The Guai will not work unless you avoid salicylates. Use only the toiletries & dental products on the Guai Group list. Do not take asprin or herbal remedies or teas. Do not use razors or toilet paper with aloe. Use gloves for housework, gardening & chopping herbs. etc. etc.

    4) read the book!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Jude

    Jude New Member

    Dear Orachel if you are currently taking 2400mg Mucinex to aid in thinning the mucus from your infection that is the common dosage for that purpose.

    It does sound like you might be a good candidate for the guai protocol. If you decide to use the Mucinex to reverse fibro then you need to read Chapter 6 of the book very carefully. The correct starting dose is 300mg twice a day. It is important that you know what your reversal dosage is for a number of reasons. What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Fibromyalgia is the best book for understanding the protocol. Salicylate sensitivity is genetically predetermined so you might be one of the lucky ones that aren't as sensitive as others. But you need to start out as written.


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