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    Hi Mikie 08/23/06 05:50 PM

    Haven't been on the boards lately. On guia two months now. Have a few questions for you.
    1. When can I expect to see phosphate being excreted through my urine? Can you describe what I'll see? For me seeing is believing. lol! I am not being mapped.

    2. I did the blocking test. I am NOT blocking at 1200 mg a day and 1800 is to harsh as far as pain tolerance. So to me that means that 1200 is my dose. Would you agree?

    3. I take Pro Health Guai 400FA three times a day. Rather than 600LA twice a day because it is more cost effective for me. Is this ok?

    I really appreciate how knowledgeable and helpful you are when I have questions about the guai protocol.
    Take care,

  2. Jude

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    Hi JTyre

    I'm not Mikie but will try and answer your questions. Some people never see anything excreted in their urine so don't worry if you don't. If you see anything it will look similar to baby powder floating on the top of the water or like soap bubbles on top of the water. You are still early in the protocol so I wouldn't be expecting them yet. I was on the protocol for several months before I saw the white particulate. I'm going on four and one half years and it wasn't until last year that I got the soap bubbles floating on top. I hope that you are keeping a symptom journal as this can help you see things that are going on at this stage.

    The dosage that you are on does seem to be your clearing dose. If I were taking the FA guai I would take it three times a day just as you are doing.


  3. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    J, I agree with all Jude has said in her response. She is really the expert on the Guai Protocol.

    Give it some time and see what happens. I don't remember how long it was before I noticed the powder like substance in my urine nor the bubbles but they did eventually appear. I did notice a different smell in my sweat and my urine. Not stench, just a different odor.

    I also use the FA Guai but in the beginning, I used the LA type. When using the FA, it is necessary to take it three times a day.

    Good luck.

    Love, Mikie
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    Thank you for clearing that up for me (seeing phosphate in urine.)

    I do believe that I was born w/ fibro. When I was a kid I would wake up in the middle of the night with leg cramps. Dr. told my mom that it was growing pains. My mom would rub my legs w/ alcohol. All my life I have had sore weak muscles. Have always needed 10 hours of sleep to function. Low physical endurance level. Unable to tolerate exercise.

    In 1987 I was in a car accident. Neck whiplash injury. 1987 was the last time I was to work full-time. I was able to work part-time up until 2002. Had heel pain and was dx: w/ plantar fasicitis. I read in St. Amand's book that it was most likely a swollen tendon caused by fibro not plantar F. Took a long time to get over that but I did. When I started the guai the heel pain was the first symptom that came back with a vengeance. Does this make sense? It is phosphate clearing out, correct?

    I understand from the book that I need to be on guai for the rest of my life. My question is how far back do I have to go to be fully reversed 1987 whiplash, 2002 heel pain? It's been building up 45 years (my age) so do you have to clear back that far 45 years to reverse completely?
    Take care,
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  6. JTyre

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  7. Mikie

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    It is very possible that there would be pain where there are old injury sites. When I started the Guai, I had a lot of pain where I had had surgery to repair a ruptured bicep tendon, a big deal, surgically speaking. There were two incision sites and they had to drill into the bone. Any surgery with bones involved is usually painful. The bicep muscle was very tender too. The doc told me that the tendon was in bad shape and that's probably why it ruptured. I later read that people with FMS have bad tendons and can have a lot of tendonitis. Eventually, the hell pain should get better if it is like my arm pain. You could e-mail Claudia at and ask her about the heel. She and I both have osteo arthritis and the Guai has helped our OA even though it's not supposed to work in debris deposited in the joints.

    As to how long one has actually had FMS, that's a good question. Knowing what I know now, I suspect I've had it all my life. I believe it is genetic in nature and that as we endure more and more trauma and stress, something triggers it full blown. Up until then, I think we have bouts of it and recover. At some point, we simply can no longer recover.

    I got sick with a mycoplasma infection 16 years ago and it triggered my illnesses full blown. After an auto accident about 6 years ago, the FMS really kicked in and 5 years ago, I had to stop working. That is when I started the Guai. So, the question is, how did I know how long it would take to reverse? The rule of thumb, 2-3 months on the Guai for every year I had been sick, really didn't answer the question. Was I sick with FMS for a year, for 11 years, or more than 50 years?

    We are all different and I think we cannot predict exactly how long reversal will take. For me, it took 5 years, almost to the exact month. I was at about 90 percent reversal for a long time before I really felt fully reversed. I know I am fully reversed now because I can take a large amount of the Guai for respiratory problems and it doesn't cause a Guai flare. There are no more deposits in the tender spots and they have healed.

    I don't think it really matters how long it takes because we will be on the Guai for life unless there is a cure. At about 50-60 percent reversal, the Guai flares aren't as severe and we begin to feel a lot better. From then on, it just gets better.

    I always tell people in my posts that I am not well, despite my FMS symptoms' being reversed. I have had severe CFIDS ever since the mycoplasma infection and it is taking a long time to heal. The infections are basically under control but I still have some pretty severe fatigue when I relapse. It is usually something environmental, like the current Red Tide outbreaks, which trigger a relapse and allow the chronic infections to try to reactivate.

    I don't know how long it will take to feel really well but I do know that I am making progress, albeit very slowly. If I had not reversed my FMS with the Guai treatment, I doubt I would have made any progression. It has helped me so much in my treatments to be able to concentrate on the CFIDS and not have to worry about the FMS. For me, the CFIDS has been the more difficult of the two to treat.

    Just keep on with the Guai treatment, know that it is helping you, and look forward to when it has helped enough that you really feel the difference. Hang in there through the Guai flares because this means it is working. It will get better. I am so very glad that five years ago, I decided to try the Guai. Five years sounds like a long time, but five years would have gone by regardless and if I had not taken the Guai, I might still be in bed and on Morphine.

    Again, best of luck to you. I hope this helps. Sorry to be so long winded :)

    Love, Mikie
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  9. JTyre

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    What is CFIDS?

    I am still learning how these message boards work. You gave me your opinion thank you for that. I want to know what Jude thinks also. I went back to my message---hit reply---then typed in bump for title and typed in bump for message. Is that correct? If I would have posted a new topic then it would not be on the same thread? Have I figured it out?
    Ps. Can't walk because of heel pain & a million other pains went to Wal Mart hobbled around and came home and realized I had left a purchased bag full of school supplies behind. I hate those spin arounds. Called and they said, "we have it you can pick it up anytime." If they only knew lol!
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    Hi J....I've been on guai for 5 months, and I, too, have that awful heel pain (bottom part of my heel, where I walk). It wakes me up in the middle of the night, and I have to walk on it for it to abate, like a cramp. I don't recall any injury there, but it has been going on since I started guai, thankfully not every night! I have it, too, during the day. Now my feel have been swelling on top of everything. But I believe the guai is slowly helping.

    I've been reading all of the posts, and am so thankful for this web board and the people here. What support and knowledge!

    Love to all, Ann
  11. Mikie

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    To start a new thread is to click on "Post Topic" in the white strip at the top of the screen. Any time you click on response, it will post under the original post. Hope this helps.

    CFIDS is also referred to as CFS and ME. It is Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome. There is a big push for a new name and I agree. Fatigue makes it sound like we're just a little tired. CFIDS and FMS often travel together and some docs think they are just different manifestations of the same illness. There is a lot of overlap in symptoms. In FMS, pain is often the worst symptom but fatigue is also present. In CFIDS, bone-crushing fatigue is often the worst symptom but pain can be present as well. CFIDS often follows an infecftion and FMS often follows trauma, but there are no hard-and-fast rules to any of this.

    Because of the results of the treatments I have used, I can often determine which symptom belongs to which illness and which can be overlap. Since I now feel my FMS is reversed with the Guai, what I am left with is CFIDS. I am vulnerable to reactivation of my stealth chronic infections, both bacterial and viral; I often "hit the wall" and feel as though I will fall over if I don't lie down; and, I have relapses and remissions. My Fibro Fog stopped when I first started the Guai but I have cognitive and memory problems which are more severe when I am tired. I still have sleep issues and must take my Klonopin to get good sleep. I believe these are overlap symptoms.

    Love, Mikie
  12. Jude

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    Sorry to respond to you late. I have had daughter in college with college issues. Yes, I agree with what Mikie has told you about the old surgery sites. Whenever we have a site that has undergone surgery the blood is rushed to that area to promote healing. When it does it brings along extra phosphates and leaves them. So there will be more phosphostes to reverse.

    Your heel pain is not uncommon with guai reversal. However, if this is something that you would have checked out if you didn't have FM you might want to get this checked professionally.


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