guai question (say 5x's fast)...

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    am reading dr. amand's book, but like every antsy reader, i can't wait till the ending...
    in simplistic terms, is guaifenesin a lifetime committment, or is it something taken when "flares" occur... AND... (again) simply put which are the main salicylates one must avoid?...
    simple minds want to
    and i WILL finish the book, regardless... :)
  2. Mikie

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    All kidding aside, it is a lifetime commitment or until there is a cure.

    Sals are in everything made from extracted botanicals. Aspirin (Salicylic Acid) and any other supplement or medication with "sal" as part of its name is verboten. Mint is a no-no, so you will probably end up using children's fruity flavored toothpaste and do without mouthwash. Cinnamon gum is OK to chew. You cannot use any of the pain creams, like Aspercreme, Ben-Gay, etc.

    Many, many supplements contain botanicals, as do personal-care items. Aloe Vera in lotion cannot be used. The book contains a list of the 1,000 most common sals. You take it and sit down and look at all your personal-care items. You must stop using those with sals. Shampoo and soap are not as big a concern because they are washed off. When shopping for new things, you must check the labels because manufacturers add things all the time.

    Do finish the book. It's one of the best ones I've seen yet on FMS.

    Love, Mikie
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    and in all seriousness... (i will always look for a smile 1st)...
    this is the MOST serious exploration i have ever made...
    for the most important person in my life...

    (am thinking i'm glad beer isn't one of the

    thanks for the imput...
    i'll have this puppy read in no time...
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    The book is wonderful and has given me new hope. It is also on casette. There is a wonderful website for the protocol. I printed off all of the approved products and read labels on everything. Have been on guaifenesin several days and it is just like the book says. Today the fog started to lift. It may be back tomorrow, but, I am thankful for today. Let's keep our fingers crossed. I no longer want to continue to mask the pain and fatigue with antidepressants and so many other meds. This just may be the answer.

    Hang in there!
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  5. jamedw1

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    thanks connie...
    every success story brings us "all" one step closer...
    best of luck...
    in the meantime, everyone has a spot on my prayer list... :)
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    Guai is used for people who have a lot of mucus in their chests during a cold usually. I read the book and was very excited about it but after taking it i didnt notice much effect not enough to keep taking it all the time.

    I had a lot of success in fact cured of all symtoms just by taking wheat out of my diet. Wheat has gluten which creates a lot of mucus.