Guai shortened my common cold!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by klutzo, Jun 2, 2003.

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    As some of you know, I've been taking Armour Thyroid and Progeterone drops, and feeling a whole lot better. Because I felt so good, I went out one night last week and did three errands. My reward for coming out of being a hermit was to catch a cold from someone I came in contact with while out and about. I hardly ever get colds, but when I do, they are a disaster, always going into my chest, typically lasting at least 21 days, with painful sinus inflammation lasting a couple of months longer. This is the first cold I have had since being on Guai and it is almost gone. This is only the 4th day, and it did not go into my chest, and my nose is drying up. I don't think the hormones could affect this, so I'll bet it's the Guai, since it thins mucus....maybe this somehow makes it easier for our immune systems to get to the cold viruses. I thought I'd pass this along, since this may apply to everyone, not just Fibro patients. Guai is cheap and safe, so taking it right away when you start to get a cold might be worth trying.
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    As my kids drag home every germ in the world. I haven't had a cold go into infection in what seems like forever. Now, a stomach virus ... thats a whole nuther can of wax. Glad to know your cold is passing quickly! :)
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    a whole other ball of wax .... I dunno .... arrgghh .... hahaha
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    Isn't guai one of the ingredients in many cough

    Did you ever find out if progesterone drops are safe or not due to hormonal quality? I am not sure you
    were the one who asked. It may have been

    Glad it helped. I've been sick with flu/cold for months
    and months. I just took some echinacae and vit c
    and I seem to be a little better.

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    about safety of progesterone drops. Personally, with all they are doing for me, I would not care how risky it was, I would still take them. They are a prescription from a very reputable pharmacy, so I am not worried, and with this sort of result, who cares! I can't even understand the question.....there is no difference between this and any other prescription...guess I did not see what prompted the question in the first place so I can't understand.
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    When I feel as though I am coming down with something, I zap for 20 minutes straight and then use it in the pulsing mode for the following days. It gets rid of flu and colds so fast as to be unbelieveable. I also believe the Guai helps with the mucus which harbors pathogens like cold viruses. It most likely also helps the lymph nodes drain and keeps them from enlarging and becomming tender.

    I am knocking on wood, but I have not had anything which lasted longer than 24 hours since being on the Guai and using my zapper.

    Love, Mikie