guai users...about laxatives?

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    I started a new med and bought several jars of prune juice ...i figured that was safe.Then last week I ran out and found a box of laxatives in medicine chest...they have bisacodyl as main ingredient. I confess...I didn't even think to check to see if it was ok.I don't know what I was thinking(or not thinking!) Well, this morning I looked at the box and realized that I HAD NEVER CHecked! I have been at Tesa's site and what I can figure out from their message board(which is sooooohard to use) is that I SHOULD NOT BE using this.So, about a week of blocking! So, other than prune juice do you have any other products you know are ok to use? I have been on this computer for an hour trying to figure this out. Thanks for your time......Kathleen
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    Sals only block for 24 hrs., so I assume you have been using the laxative for a week. If your Guai has been blocked for a week, perhaps this could account for your pain of late.

    If I take extra magnesium, it will work as a laxative for me. Worst case scenario, eating something sugary will do it, but it makes me feel sick. Mineral oil enemas work best and you can buy the Fleet disposable ones.

    Hope you are feeling better.

    Love, Mikie
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    I have found my Pharmacist to be very helpful here. For any item I found when starting Guai that did not have an explanation of ingredients on it, I called the Pharmacist and asked them. They can look this stuff up for you, provided it is something the drugstore sells.