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    Greetings from CA,
    I finally found a chiro that takes my insurance.My old one stopped and I hadn't been able to locate a new one.I also just dreaded the explaining of everything again. I spoke with him this morning to ask if he is knowledgeable about Fibro and if he did mapping. I felt totally foolish as I couldn't make a sentence come out complete if I wanted to ( and I sure wanted to)because I had gotten zero sleep the nite before and I was a mess emotionally on top of the pain. I asked if he did mapping since I have never gotten it done and I started Guai in Nov. I know my products are all ok (haveing checked them all three times. I really don't know if it is helping,or am I blocking,or do I need to up the dose.I seem to be experience all kinds of new pains. My knees hurt really bad and my calves feel as though I have run a marathon. Really crazy. My PCP did put me on Oxycontin last month but I cant imagine it causing new pains. I have noticed that it helps a bit with the neck,shoulders, and upper back. My sciatica still hurts though. Back to original ?. I started in Nov.,have not gotten mapped ,and really have only felt worse. I am wondering if the mapping will help me now to answer some of my questions about my progress. I ,like so many,have a list very long of symptoms and wonder if I should just write them down and hand them to him. He said he wants to go over my history. I hate that depressing. i guess I am basically nervous because of him being a new doc and esp.after my tongue tyed conversation. Can any of you who use chiros tell me what positive things they have contribuated to you getting better. I feel like my body is one big pressure point right now and I dont want him to think I am exagerating. Thanks for your time and for listening to me ramble.I,like many of you,do not have anywhere else to go to talk about my aches and pains. You are all so important to me.
    so, ? 1. Will a mapping still be useful after being on guai for 5 months?
    2. Do I tell him all my problems or just write them down? . In what positive ways have your Chiros helped you on your journey for better health and to get the pain/fatigue under control?

    Thanks so much!
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    Is this chiro familiar with St. Amand's mapping technique? It is not difficult to learn, especially for someone used to palpating patients. If he is not, and you like him and think he is willing to learn, you can get a video that demonstrates mapping. I think it's about 10 bucks. I think it's important that he at least have an open mind about it. What dose of guai are you on? It sounds like you are cycling ... but you may be on too high a dose. Your cycles should be tolerable. Do you have the book?

    Second, I think it's a great idea to write everything down. It'll help you communicate when you draw a blank. He will probably have his own type of form for you to fill out ... every chiro is different, but it will probably involve a series of questions and maybe a blank *body* that you note your areas of pain.

    Third, don't let him do things that make you uncomfortable. Go slow. My first chiro put electric stimulation on my neck, and me, trying to be a trooper, let him set it way too high and went way too long. That resulted in a week of horrible neck pain. So, go slow ... don't try to do too much too fast. Good luck!

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    I have no info for you because I don't see a chiro, but I just wanted to tell you how sorry I am for all your pain. I hope you can find some relief from it.

    Klutzo is going through the same thing. I wonder whether we eventually get too high a dose which seems to work at first but just keeps us on a continual Guai flare rather than cycling. Have you tried writing to Claudia at Dr. St. Amand's website. Perhaps she can shed some light on this for you. Good luck. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

    Love, Mikie