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    Hi everyone - recently returned from Albuquerque, New Mexico. My husband & I were there last October for several days and I was not symtomatic - no FMS/CFS/IBS, etc. So,
    I knew I had to go back for another test. We were there 3 weeks in Jan and thought it would be a good time to really give it a test, since the climate would be different than last Oct. Driving there I read half of Dr. St. Amand's book. i felt wonderful! (except for one day). One Sunday after church we drove Northeast of Albuquerque to look at a model home. I walked through the model home and my husband practically had to carry me to the car. I had a very severe attack - one of the worst I'd ever had. Back to the hotel and bed. Next day I was fine and stayed that way for 2 weeks afterwards. I called their news station there and spoke with their weatherman. Climate conditions there are: homes there are in a valley, too close to the mountains and dampness and the fields are used for irrigation. So, that told me NOT to go to the Northeast section.....period.
    Since returning home I've had attacks nearly every day. I've been able to go outside maybe 4 times. Also, since I was given guaifenesen for a respiratory infection last year (never knowing that it had anything to do with FMS/CFS)
    it did seem to help with those symptoms. I have not ventured into Dr's entire protocol, but I tried guai for 2 days now and my symptoms seem to be gone. I'm not recommending this for anyone, but I really wanted to share, especially the climate conditions and how they affect me as a fibromyalgic patient.

    To all of you - my best wishes for many good days.

    Would love to hear from anyone who might have had the same experience with either climate or guaifenesen without completing entire protocol.

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    The Guai was responsible for any change in symptoms, but I could be wrong. The Guai treatment is a long-term treatment which usually does not respond rapidly, but then, we are all different and anything is possible.

    Love, Mikie
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    2 months ago. I had some very strange symptoms to begin with. But; I find that if I stay away from the things my naturopath told me to avoid I do just fine. The worst of my problems was fatique & once I gave up sugar & milk products the fatique all but disappeared. At this point I can even have tiny amounts of the once forbidden foods without ill effects.
    Best Regards, Dayle
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    I've been taking Guai for a couple of years. The one certain result I can attest to is that I have had no more sinus infections - which were a chronic problem with me.