guaifenesin and cfs

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    has anyone tried this protocol for cfs,if so is it working? please let me know,so i dont waste anymore money .thanx
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    Yes, this works for CFS; it's certainly working for mine.

    Dr St Amand believes that fibro & CFS are the same illness (I have a diagnosis of both). It's essential to stick rigidly to his book 'What your doctor may not tell you about fibromyalgia'.

    Please make sure you buy from his approved list of Guaifernesin brands as they don't all work. The ones sold here are fine.

    The recommended guais are Mucinex/Pro- Health or the Marina del Rey pharmacy guai, topped up if you need a dose over 1200mg, with either Guai FA or Sologuai. The powered fast-acting guai aren't recommended, as Dr St Amand has seen patchy results with them.
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