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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by plbartel, Oct 5, 2005.

  1. plbartel

    plbartel New Member

    I want to try the guaifenesin..but cannot afford it. I saw what they offered over the counter(which is cheaper) but heard that it is not a good product..and its the only one! Does anyone know how to get it cheap? My husband doesnt want to spend 50 bucks for a bottle of stuff that might not even help. ANY suggestion would be greatly appreciated.
  2. twinkles49

    twinkles49 New Member

    I get my guaifenesin here from Pro Health. It's the best price that I've found. I use the short acting.

    When I want the timed release stuff I get it at my local pharmacy. I pay about eleven dollars for a bottle of Mucinex. At first I was getting it at Wal-Mart and paying like $18 bucks for it.

    Then one day I was in at my local place picking up a perscription and needed some more, didn't want to drive across town to Wal-Mart and thought, can't be to much difference in price. I was shocked when it only cost $11.00!

    So ask around at different places if you can. Maybe you will find the big difference in price too!

    Hope this helps and Good Luck!
    Twinkles :)

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