Guaifenesin Protocol Question

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    Hello! I am new to this site and have had Fibro for 17 years. I just read Dr. Amand's book about the Guaifenesin protocol. If performed correctly and I avoid all Sals, I understand it will take roughly 3 years to reverse Fibro effects (2 months of treatment = 1 year of Fibro). However, I am confused about one point. It sounds to me like Fibro is a genetic kidney issue; so once you complete the treatment to reverse the Fibro effects, wouldn't you still need to continue to take the Guai since it's what "completes" the kidneys and enables them to function properly? I didn't get a strong sense of what that answer is! Any help or information is greatly appreciated! Thank you!!
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    I actually went to Dr. St Amand years ago, he's an endo turned FM specialist,. for thyroid issues and he dismissed thyroid and said I have FM...tried to push me to the Guai....I resisted and have done SO MUCH other stuff over the years. Including Armour thyroid after 10 long yrs of being told I'm "normal"....long hard struggle for me....but it was thyroid all along, 10 yrs.

    More and more I read here about FM being inflammatory.....

    I know one of our members did the guai but I don't know of others. jam
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    Thanks for your reply. I have unfortunately been a pharmaceutical guinea pig and I'm now down to one remaining medication (Cymbalta). I'm looking to keep going and see the protocol as the next logical step. I just don't know how to proceed once I get past the reversal stage. Appreciate the info! Stay well!!