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    Hello all fibro friendly friends!! Well, I've just bought Dr. Amands "new" book
    ((because I had and tried the old one!!)))...anyway.... I REALLY want to try this but REALLY, REALLY need help!! Does ANYONE here know of ANY Dr. in Illinois who does this protocol?? I can follow book, and I can give up ANYHING to be pain free.........ex:make-up, meds etc....)) But I'm having probs understanding the map thing. I hurt EVERYWHERE and was just wondering
    what it meant about bumps and lumps?? I mean how can one tell if it's the normal fibro pains (which are bad in of itself)....once in a blue moon, I have a
    day where my pain may only be a 3 or 4. Sometimes I wake up pain not to bad, but as day goes it truly intensifies. I'm 48, married 3 sons and one new grandaughter((9 months)).....this all happened after a severe fall in year 2000.
    Like the rest of you, life has been a roller coaster and I HATE rolller coasters.
    I don't take ANY meds except to sleep.......I have a bad liver and really shouldn't even take that!! But I have to sleep. My hair loss is unbelievable but I CAN'T give up sleep meds. I see Guai has helped many. I tried the website and couldn't get in. : ( Is there anyone here who could help me?
  2. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    I haven't been to Dr. St. Amand's website for a loooong time, but I think there used to be a list of docs who use his protocol.

    The ideal situation is that one has a doc or other professional, a massage or physical therapist, who can "map" you. This entails finding the tender spots on the body and noting their tenderness and size. Later in the protocol, you can be mapped again to see whether there is less tenderness and the lumps in the tender areas are smaller. If this is not possible, it is not a huge problem. It is really a clinical way of charting progress.

    I never was mapped and consider myself reversed. I read the book, three times in some areas, got myself sal free, and learned how to tweak the dose. My progress was exactly as portrayed in the book. My doc knew nothing about the protocol. I pretty much did it all on my own. Of course, it would have been preferable to have a doc trained in the protocol but I couldn't find one then.

    The most important thing, besides being sal free, is to recognize that one is cycling. This can mean adjusting the dose. I cycled at 600 mgs. (300 mgs. twice a day) just as predicted in the book. Some people need to up the dose if this dose doesn't produce a Guai flare. A Guai flare should not be crippling. It should just be enough to let you know it's working. Eventually, there will be some good moments, hours, days, or weeks. This is also evidence that the protocol is working.

    Good luck to you.

    Love, Mikie
  3. Mikie

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  4. bigmh

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    Good Morning, have gotten great advice from the guai pro, Mikie. I'd also like for you to know that we have a support group here, the Guai Ladies, and most of us have recently started guai (me in March of this year). If you put Guai Ladies in your post titles, we will be happy to help in any way that we can.

    We have all had lots of questions, too. I'm doing the protocol by the book and my doctor is actually watching my progress. The website,, also has tons of info, and if you sign up for the messages there, you can learn a lot about the products that are OK for us to use. Or you can just look things up in the archives.

    We are trying to get off of that roller coaster, too!!

    Blessings, Ann
  5. Smiffy

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    hi Maxsy, I've been doing this for a year just from the books; I've never been mapped or seen a doctor about it (no-one does it ove here). The advice from Dr St Amand's nurse, Claudia Marek, is that if you can't be mapped you should keep a daily symptom diary.

    Dr A's website is

    & there's a link to the Guai Support group message board. The important things to remember are to avoid salicylates, & to find your correct dose - the one at which your symptoms become tolerably worse.
  6. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    And she brought her little girl who is 15 months old. I got down on the floor with the baby and was totally agile--no pain, no stiffness. This is amazing to me.

    I'm on higher doses of the Guaifenesin, due to the Red Tide, and they are not producing Guai flares. This says to me that I either completely reversed or darn close to it. Yippeeeee!

    Now, if only I could recover from my CFIDS. The Red Tide has been attacking our waters and beaches and making me really sick. I am very grateful that my FMS seems to be reversed. If I had to deal with it and the Red Tide and the CFIDS, I'd still be bedridden and on Morphine.

    Good luck with the protocol. The Guai Ladies here are great! I think it really helps to have others who are doing the treatment at the same time. I hope it helps to know someone who has achieved reversal. It has taken five years; I was sick a looooong time. This treatment takes time, but it's really worth it.

    Love, Mikie
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    Thank you sooooo much for replying soooo promptly! Also to Smiffy and bigmh....I ALREADY started taking my guai after getting rid of all my toiletries. Me and my husb went to store last night and bought just a few basics to start. (( Soap,shampoo deoderant and toothpaste)). I'll worry about make-up later. I don't wear it that often anyway but...we do HAVE to shower!!
    ..((LOL))..... I am taking the Mucinex(w/blue dye) but intend on taking your advice and buying here from the store. But since I bought it "before" reading this thread....I'll finish it. I didn't even start on 600. I jumped to 1200 right off. One 600 in morning and one at night. I don't know about following a strict diet tho. I am overweight but was tested for hyperglycemia and it was negative. I truly only crave junk food when I'm PMSing. Don't know if it makes a dif tho. Taking guai and watching sals alone should help. Ya think?? I have to finish the book. But I'm also having my husband read it because I sometimes can't remember what I read!! This is only my third day doing this but today my pain isn't as intense. You know how that coaster goes. People here are soooo great and more supportive than family. Mikie...I am soooo
    happy you're regaining your health. I only pray I find mine again. I can't imagine being on Morphine......Lord I hope not. I inteand on looking up GUAI LADIES because I truly need them now!! It's wonderful that you are here helping soooo many people. Especially with us "newbies".....I still go to an upper cervical chiro because I truly believe in their teachings. After all my
    fibro came on after a it all made sense. But I also want to incorporate this protocol in. Anything and everything I can do to get my old self back would be great. Once again.....THANK YOU ALL SOOOOOO MUCH!!
  8. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Now you are an official Guai Lady too. Just put "Guai Ladies" as your title in posts and everyone will check in.

    Thanks for your good wishes. I hope the treatment is as successful for you as it has been for me. The diet isn't critical but most of us feel better if we lay off the carbs.

    Love, Mikie

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