Guaifenesin Questions??

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    I thought I would try the Guaifenesin to see if it would help me any. When I called the pharmacy to see if they had it they started asking me questions that I don't know the answer to. I thought maybe some of you who are on this could help me out. First of all, do I want the liquid or the tablets? What strengh should I get? What is the "normal" daily dosage? Also, any other comments you would like to make that might help would be appreciated.

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    You really must buy and read Dr. St. Amand's book, "What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Fibromyalgia", and read it carefully before starting. It is too hard to do the Guai correctly without it, and if not done exactly right, it will fail. To order it, go to the guaidoc website, or Amazon. While at the guaidoc website, print out the lists of salycilate free and high salycilate products for future reference. One thing you must do is go through all of your personal products looking for hidden salycilates, both natural and synthetic, and eliminate them, or the Guai cannot work. You can also search the previous post archives here for the many posts about using Guai.
    Now for your questions. Tablets are best, and get the pure ones with nothing but the time-release Guai in them. I use Mucinex brand, but now there is a brand available right here in the ProHealth store that is just as good and is cheaper than any I've seen.
    The tablet dosage is normally 600 mgs. per tablet. You start at 300 mgs. twice daily, so you break one in half,taking half in the morning and half at night. Do not worry if the package has a warning saying not to break doesn't matter. You slowly ease up the dose over several weeks, according to the protocol in the book, until you find the dose that makes your symptoms significantly worse. That is the dose you stay at forever. Over time the periods of worse symptoms get less,and you start getting really good days. Guai is a pallative treatment, meaning if you ever stop taking it, you would get sick again. It takes appx. 2-3 months of Guai treatment at your proper dose to reverse 1 yr. of FMS, so it can take awhile to get better.
    I do not want to rewrite the book here, and as I said before, you really need the book, or at least both of the salycilate lists and a copy of the protocol, since eliminating salycilates is not easy until you get used to it.
    Good luck,

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    Unless you completely understand the theory, the protocol, and eliminate the sals (this is explained in the book) you are doomed to fail at this treatment. Dosing is also critical and the book explains this too. Good luck to you. After you have read the book, eliminated the sals, and are ready to go, ask if you still have any questions.

    Love, Mikie