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    I have a question for anyone who has tried guaifenesin. I just started two daily 600 mg doses last week. I was checking the book by Dr. Paul St. Armand about sources of salicylates to avoid - I am especially worried about the herbal ingrediwents in some of my vitamins-- some have ginseng, safflower oil, gingko, dill seed, wheat germ, flaxseed oil, black cohosh and others - Are these REALLY important to avoid for the guaifenesin to work????
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    I think it is important to avoid the sals that the doc suggests until you get to a point where you can begin to experiment with how sal sensitive you are. Some people claim to be VERY sal sensitive, others not so. But it takes time to learn. I've been doing it over two years, and really, it becomes second nature, kinda like checking nutrition labels on food you buy.

    Some people think that the elimination of sals (topical and supplemental strength) in and of itself is helpful, with or without the guai.

    If you will recheck the book, you should be starting at only 600 mg a day ... usually in 300 x2 dose. Best wishes and Good Luck!
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    I was blocked at first because I did not check my Potassium supplement, figuring that since it was a one item supplement there would be no additional ingredients. Wrong! It had acacia extract and that alone was enough to block me. I had to replace about 1/2 of my supplements with brands that did not have plant extracts.