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    For those of you who are looking for help and I know if you are on this site you are - read "What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Fibromyalgia" by Dr. St. Amand. Guaifensin changed my daughters life completly! Before, weather pattern changes and other things (life in general) put her flat on her back - now she can get up and work 8 hours with children at a daycare and she will be able to go to college this fall - YEAH!!!!!! She has been on Guai for 18 months - within 3 months she was feeling much better - still has fatigue and some pain but at least she is not flat on her back like she used to be.
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    I have heard of Guaifenesin so many times before but never really payed any attention. Seemes to me I heard some bad rap about it so kind of just over looked any posts on it. Is guai a supplement, a drug therapy, an herbal concoction? If your daughter has had this much success with it I am certainly willing to look at it with an open mind! Will do some research here at this site. Thanks for your post!

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    It is a substance that is used in cough medicines in very small doses - for fibro it is used in larger doses but has no side effects. Do not give up - it is usually started at 600 mg twice a day then increased if no results are forthcoming. My daughter was raised to 1200 within a couple of weeks as she had a real bad sinus infection ( yes, it is used for that too) and she got quick results. Warning!!! You have to be willing to feel really, really bad for a period of time. She started to feel a little better then got hit with a double whammy - had been warned but that only lasted for a week or so then she started back on the road to feeling better. She had flare-ups during the first 8 - 10 months (short ones) but has not had one for almost 6 months - YEAh !!!! Good luck! I had heard about it and the bad raps too but after I started to read the book, I changed my mind and went looking for a doctor - lucked out - found one 10 min from my house and his mother had fibro so he was very informed about it as he was trying to find helf for his Mom. After she heard about my daughter's progress she went on it and had great results. He is a chiropractor and she is a medical nurse - so as medical personnel go, they are sometimes reluctant to try alternatives.
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    Works for most everyone willing to follow the protocol to the letter, but there are a few individuals for whom it does not work.

    The bad rap you heard about is a very flawed study done early on before the effects of diet, dose, and elimination of salicylates were known. The study is worthless and yet at least one well known and well respected doctor continues to use this study to defame Dr. St. Amand. There is a lot of professional jelousy among these "superstar" docs.

    Results are what matter to us anyway and you have nothing to lose by trying this drug which is now available here without an Rx. It is crucial to read the book, eliminate the sals, understand the protocol, and be patient, tweaking the dose when necessary.

    I no longer need Morphine for pain. It took almost a year until I noticed consistent results, but early on, my fog was immensely improved and I enjoyed periods of extra energy and pain-free days.

    This medication thins mucus in the body and has some blood thinning properties which is a big help for those fighting pathogens in their systems (most all of us have one or more chronic infections making us sick).

    Love, Mikie
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    This is the treatment I am most interested in. I am going to try it as soon as my guai arrives. It was recommended to me years ago by UCLA where I was being treated after diagnosis. They also gave me all the contact info for Dr. StA, but since my insurance didn't cover him, I didn't try it. I went into a long remission, but my symptoms have come back with a vengeance lately and it is time to give it a go. Your daughter's well being now is encouraging and so are the many other testimonies I have read and chats I have entered. I hope I will have the same results! Anything is better than this horrible fog, pain and exhaustion.