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    I hope I'm not breaking any rules here, I'm new at this.

    I am just wondering if anyone would care to share their experiences with Guaifenesin. I only heard about it yesterday and I'm curious. At this point I take just about any new information with a grain of salt and I know of no other way to separate the wheat from the chaff.

  2. Mikie

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    Welcome to the board.

    The Guai treatment is a lot more complex than just taking the Guaifenesin. There is a really good book, "What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About FIBROMYALGIA," written by Dr. Paul St. Amand.

    There are a few of us here who have been greatly helped by the treatment. It has gotten me off of Morphine for pain. I've been on it for two years and feel it has reversed about 80 percent of my FMS symptoms. Unfortunately, I also have CFIDS and continue to battle my fatigue and cognitive problems.

    If you use the search feature here, it will bring up the past posts about the Guai. It has been discussed quit a bit, so you should get some good info.

    Love, Mikie

  3. cindye

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    My daughter also had good results with guai using Dr. St. Amands protocol. She still has fatigue but most of the pain is gone and it seemed to help her asthma also. Good luck - it took us three years to hear about it.
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    Hi JoAnn,
    I have been on the Guai Protocol for six months. All I can say is I have my life back and I am now riding my horses again instead of being in bed. It also helps with CFIDs, too. It works on every cell in your body . . . so all symptoms of FMS and CFS are helped. Be sure to purchase Dr. St. Amand's Book.
    Best of Health,
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    When I was first diagnosed with FM my Mom found that book and gave it to me. At that time I wasn't experiencing as bad of pain as I am now. It looked like too much trouble BUT now I'm ready to try ANYTHING!! I'm glad to hear some have had good results. Here's hoping for me!!
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    I never believed I had FM just CFS. I started guai a year ago & had 3 days of annoying symptoms (like being pinched continuously all over) & nothing since. But I am much stronger, no longer have chronic infections & post exertion malaise! Still disabled, but no longer considering a nursing home!
    You've got to watch the salicylates - got to know what they are - read Dr.St.Amand's book or see his website.
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    I haven't talked to her lately, shame on me I know.
    I think she said that she was going to quit the treatment, she's in Pain from so many other condition's that this treatment won't help with. If she goes on Pain meds and Muscle relaxer's, it would block the Guaifenesin, she take's/took the pills.

    I'll hve to see how she is doing, if she's having sucess with it, I'll let you know. ;o)

    I had an unpleasent surprise at the PC's yesterday, I had to go in to have my left knee looked at, I wacked the heck out of it Sat.

    Well after he looked at the knee, he said if it still hurt in a week, they would do X-Ray's. My Orthopedic Dr. is on Vacation, but I'll go see him before I go back to the PC.

    Then he said that he had noticed in my chart, that I have FMS, I have seen him only once before. I usually see his Partner, who is familiar with FMS/CMPD. This Dr. isn't, but He Proudly announced that he had gone recently to a Reunion of His Former Medical School Classmate's who are now Doctor's.
    He said that one of his Friends, who he hadn't seen for a while, had Written a book about FMS, and that he now, only saw FMS Pt's. Well I got real excited, I thought great, now maybe This Dr. can work with me and learn more, cause he dosen't have any other pt's with FMS. Not that they know of.

    Any way it turn's out to be Dr. Paul St Armand, and I don't do his program, because I think it's more for CFS than FMS. Just my Opinion, ok, no disrespect to thoes who are having sucess with the Dr. St.Armand way. After reading his book, I got it at the College Library, when I first was dx, 3 years ago. I decedied That it wasn't for me because of my Other conditions, too. So far, I have seen Folks only get better, not cured. I myself am better, than I was 3 year's ago, but I follow a different path.

    In fact I handed this Dr. a Print out from my Favorite Author on the subject of FMS/CFS, and CMPD. Dr. Devin Starlanyl, he looked at it, asked where, He praticed, when I said it was a she, and that she no longer Pratice'd, but does Work with People, by doing Lectures, etc. He handed me the paper back. Well I'm buying him both books and hope he get's it. In the mean time, I get to see my Regular PC in August. Thank the Lord.

    So the bottom line is you need to research articles, and then make your own desicion, I wish you good luck with what ever you chose to do. You will find a lot of support form other's, while you are trying the treatment.

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  8. jadibeler

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    Thanks for all the information and encouragement. I'm going to look into this eventually. First I have to get the Hg under control and see how much better I feel from that. Also started taking magnesium yesterday.

    I feel absolutely terrible today but that's probably from spending 5 hours/day every day this week on the computer reading up on all the messages I've missed and researching things I've learned.

    I think I can deal with all the things I'd have to do without or change but I was ready to give up on the guai because I'm not prepared to quit smoking. Then Sherry told me she didn't think that would matter. So we'll see.

    Thanks again for your input.

    JoAnn (in TX)
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    My mistake. You guys don't know Sherry, she's another guai user that I write to.