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    hi all that are using this protocol, and anyone else wanting to throw their 2 cents in.

    My question--now that mucinex is over the counter (what a disgusting commercial, too!) my insurance won't cover it and i can't afford the amount nec. for a year or so of the protocol(at 4/day, would need to buy ev. 5 days!) Now--giant eagle and walmart have this $4 prescription program but it is only good for the guai. with dextro. (i took dextro w.compound hydrocodone, helps increase pain med a little, not a bad side effect)

    does anyone know if the dextromethorphan would be a problem with the protocol? (it is also OTC, but the discount is for the DM and not the plain--go figure!)

    My doc wants me to try it again, but the office gestapo can't grasp my request for the DM rather than regular due to the $4 prescr. Even the $53 store special is a little out of reach for me right now, but at least its 100 tabs.
    Thank you--L

    any thoughts/ideas?
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    We were told all along that it isn't good to take products with the DXM in them long term; however, someone here had a doc who said it was OK. The DXM does help with pain.

    I buy the Guai at Costco and it is dirt cheap but it is the FA Guai and not the LA Guai. I only take a maintenance dose now, after almost seven years, so I don't need strong tablets.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi...I have been on the guai protocol for a year, and have recently switched from Mucinex to Marina Del Ray Pharmacy compounded long-acting guai. It costs around $160 for 500 tablets. You do need a doctor's prescription for this (I had my doctor fax the prescription to them...they have a website, but I can't remember the name at the moment...fibro-fog!).

    It is cheaper and some think works better than Mucinex. It is dye-free, too. There may be a link to their website at the website. Have you been there? There is a web board there, too, and so much good info is posted each day if you sign up.

    I hope this helps...good luck! Ann
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    thank you, Mikie and Ann.
    Mikie--what maintenance dose do you need to take after you are "better"(can't think of word)?
    Ann--how long have you been on the protocol?
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    1 year for me....Ann