Guardian LTD policy??? Anyone???

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    My short term disability runs out in 4 more weeks (only 12 weeks total) and then I have to apply for LTD. Both STD and LTD are provided by The Guardian. I had no problem with the STD, but does anyone have experience with them for LTD???

    What kind of supporting documents do I need? I have FM/CFS, IBS, depression, mitral valve prolapse. Am filing based on FM/CFS.

    Also, when should I get the application and start the process? How long does the process usually take?

    Thanks for any advice or info!

  2. TerryS

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    First of all, does your policy excluse depression or mental illness? Sometimes, they do, but if not, as in SSD, it is sometimes easier to get it on depression than FM, CFS.

    If not, get a sleep lab. They cannot deny that, as it cannot be faked, and if sleep problems are a part of what you experience, then the effects of it, and the failure of anything in our current agenda to regulate the type of non-restorative sleep many of us experience can NAIL THEM. The effects of sleep deprivation and these disorders ARE WELLL DOCUMENTED. Cannot be denied. Those include severe fatigue, immune problems, mental ability loss, daytime sleepiness, weight gain, etc.


    Then, document any hormonal problems, lab problems, muscle loss, and there is a test, performed, or at least it used to be, by physical therapists over two days. They test you on ability to walk, climb stairs, sit, lift, move, do mental things such as math, take down numbers, put things together, etc. THEY MAY PATTERN YOURS TO THE TYPE OF DUTIES FOR WHICH YOU ARE TRAINED AND WHAT YOU WERE DOING, I AM NOT SURE.

    Even if one manages to stumble through the first day, it usually completely washes out the person and the second day is a disaster.

    I was a medical professional, and they had me try to lift, tug, pull, get down on the floor and get up, climb onto things, go up and down stairs, walk in place, try to sort things, math, take down oral numbers, etc.

    I have deteriorated since my test, SIGNIFICANTLY, but I had given them a job description, and they spoke with the Chief Anesthesiologist and Nurse Anesthetist at a hospital with a check sheet on what our duties entailed, physical, mentally, endurance, etc.

    We worked 24 hour calls, and had to lift patients, had to climb into beds four feet off the floor for putting patients from ICU or fracture beds in order to put them to sleep, and then intubate, had to crawl on the floor, to check positioning, and to see that the bed was in the right position during surgeries, get on our hands and knees to put in IV's, to pad the patient, pull and push heavy beds, operating beds, anesthesia equipment, and the patient could not be taken to the recovery without us being at the head monitoring the patient at all times.

    Add the ability to understand and follow oral drug orders, follow very complicated math formulas to come up with drug dosages, body fluid and blood requirements, cardiac outputs, etc. and even the written ones, which I had just deteriorated upon and I flunked.

    It was so depressing, going from being a highly competent, top of their field, extremely well paid, respected teacher, lecturer, and clinician, to being physically and mentally incapable of doing it, or anything, really was and is a severe blow.

    However, do get your job description and address everything on it as TO WHAT YOU CANNOT DO, AND DO A CHECK SHEET FOR YOUR DOCS, AND HAVE THEM GO OVER IT WITH YOU AND SIGN IT.

    That will help you, I think.
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    Yes, my policy has a 24 month limit on "mental". I had depression BEFORE I became ill, although it was mild. I'm sure they're going to try to say this is due to the depression. I've found myself much more depressed just sitting here at home. It's a Catch-22.

    I'm seeing my PCP this morning. I thinking about asking him to return me to work part time. They'll keep me on the STD if I do that, and maybe I'll have a better chance of getting the LTD also. On most days, I think I could handle four hours, and my employer is willing to let me do that. I guess there's no harm in trying.

    As far as my job description, I actually work from HOME doing medical transcription. It's totally a sit down job.


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