Guess confusion is the name of the game for a lot of US

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    It seems the more i learn the more i'm confused:
    Dr. Cheney had me on several things including a B complex after doing a Super panel for histamine, neurotransmitters, niacin a new test thru vit. diagnostics

    I guess they helped some, vit. a c zinc and homocystrex was in theprotocol, but they did not help the top symtpom of fire ants sandpaper dryness biting burning and i didn't feel like my body was breaking these down

    Didn't help fatigue much may have helped brain fog though

    So since i can't afford to have many p. consults with him, I found an impressive web site homepathic ND she has been ill herself and i pd. her some bucks and sent her a hair sample,

    I posted her findings basically she said i had no Vit C in hair, scurvy she says, and true i was not taking add. C
    and aresnic poising (ii juice a lot cause many days i'm too sick to eat more than once or twice if that) and i'm a binger like the ohter person posted, cause i am bedridden somuch when i can get up late at nite i eat everything in site and then i'm sick nuts, fruit sugar binges

    yea preach to me, but it's a vicious cycle my body is starving due to CFIDS cycle

    Yes you can get arsenic built up cause veggies are loaded and if you don't have enough C she says, body can't elimnate it i also had lots of aluminum which she says inmany things and some uranium,

    The arsenic mathces fecal andhair analysis i had by cheney thru drs. data 3 yrs. ago, and mercury was kind of hi, he started detoxing me with hGH, and metal free spray and i got sicker although i don't think that was the cause and

    but he h GH overactivated that top symptom, so i'm bedridden more even now, and sicker than ever

    So i'm on her homopathic protocol for about 2 wks. including a homeo GH she says is real thing from the real thing yet i feel no better

    I've been ripped off so much, I truly feel on only GOD has the answers for me,

    ON supplements, I probably need them but like the post on sick of supps. claims i truly don't feel my body is breaking them down, its is so weak, and i have numerous food sensitivites

    Then as I said in another post, i watch these videos like Lorraine Days's vid. an MD who cured herself from lymp and breast cancer thru mostly raw foods and juicing and what she calls GOD l0 step plan diet is only l0% and I GET so fired up, but in reality i can't stay up long enough to eat as much as she did nor juice 6-l2 glasses of carrot and green leafy juices with bar. green

    and carrot juice too much breaks out my mouth and tongue sores which is a problem anyway.

    It seems the more i try to learn themore confused i get, and my condition is more debilitated than ever,

    When I pray i pray for others and many things among which is some guidance of what to try and not to try to take or not to take

    I"M sure many of you feel the same way

    Just venting some frustration

    and thank you for your replys that cheney is my dr. of 5 yrs.

    If any of you have any ??? regarding him or treatment you can ask me or e mail mepersonally, What hasn't worked for me may work for someone else,

    God bless paul mark
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    I am so sorry to hear you are still so terribly sick. I wish I had an answer for you, but I sure don't.

    You can vent all you want, we all do sometimes.

    Will keep you in my prayers, and petition the Lord to touch you and heal you.

    Shalom, Shirl