Guess what I did??

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    I bought..through the mail....fertilized chicken eggs. Can you believe it? One of my beautiful hens went broody. My blue lace red wyondott. And boy, is she broody. I couldn't stop her no matter what, from going back to an empty nest. up a little on the someone saying, why fight it, give her some fertilized eggs. Well, I got 18, knew that would be too many to put under her, so, also bought an incubator. :p Silly me. She has six under her. It's been just over a week. I candled them..both under her and the my room. :))) I have a few in my room that have blood vessels, but she has more that do. Nothing like the real thing..I hope. You never know until the time comes for them to hatch, which should be the 2nd or 3rd day of March. She's been sitting for quite a while. My hubby made a neat little safe place for her inside the coop. She loves it. I let her out a couple of times a day. She loves it, but wants to go back to her babies. I wonder what she will do or think when and if, a couple of those eggs hatch? lol...she already acts like a mama hen around the others when she's out and about. Too cute,,the boss now! I sure hope we get at least a couple to hatch. If I get any in here to hatch, I will take the chick out when it is dry and put it or them, out with her. So, I'm actually praying that my eggs will hatch. It's been work between going out for her, and watching that silly thermometer! I have an automatic turner in it. Will stop it 3 days before the time is supposed to happen. I will keep the ones that look like they are doing well. I'm waiting to see movement! I've already had to throw two out. They were quitters as they call it. No blood vessels. In one egg tonight, I could see the little embryo. Cute! Hope it can tell, I'm not counting my chicks before they're hatched..ha ha.
    Well, hope everyone is as excited as I am to have some warm weather, sun shine days, yellow flowers, red flowers, purple flowers, leaves on the trees, blossoms on the trees, and green grass. :)
    Love to all, Cynthia
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    We have become chick, chicken and rooster people on this board. This morning I was surfing TV and came across Elmo on Sesame Street talking about chickens and then all sorts of birds came in. Have you noticed all the kitchen accessories that are decorated with chickens and roosters? I even saw a show and she had a large ceramic rooster statute in her kitchen. So you and Rainbow have started something!!

    Is there anyway you can put a picture of the hen (what is the hen's name) so we can see the adoptive mother before the brood has hatched? We love this chicken/rooster threads!!!!
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    I have those kitchen accessories don't ya know?! :p I have a clock, the towels hanging from my oven handle. I have a great place up high on some storage cabinets with a nesting mama, and a beautiful rooster standing by.
    Jam, I had a grandmother with chickens, that's one of my best childhood memories. And also, my husband says the same thing as you, because he used to have chickens...that they have a whole different meaning now. He is so funny with them..he actually talks to them like I do now. He loves the Americana. Picks her up.
    I will come back later and try to download a picture. Funny that you asked TwoCats, because I just took a couple of pictures of her laying on her little nest. I candled them again today, I can see that a few are coming along well. I had to take one away..she didn't notice. I call her little blue, because she is a blue laced pretty.
    Hope I can get a picture to work.
    love, Cynthia