Guess What I got approved today.

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    Now how does that work, the lady from the Social Security Office said I had a five month waiting time and my benefits would start in April. You all will have to over look the spelling today; this really caught me by surprise. This should help the rest of you out their waiting or just starting out, there is hope for you all just keep the faith. All I have to do is last 5 months with no income, no health insurance, and no place to live (we placed our home up for sale this week), luckily all but one of our vehicles is paid for. Hey Teach, have you got any answers for these questions that you can spare. Thanks again GUYS, I may not have been around that much or spoke up that often but I sure did do a lot of listening.
    Sorry I forgot to put down that I filed in Oct of 2002[This Message was Edited on 01/17/2003]
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    Can I ask what you put down as your disabilities?

    When I first applied they told me that I qualify for the max amount ($780) and I'd get backpay starting in October 2001 since that was 5 months after I had to stop working which was April 30th, 2001. But that didn't mean I got it. I still got denied and I'm going through hell with them now. They just "lost" my file in the reconsideration stage. That's 3 months down the drain so I just faxed the supervisor (marked urgent) a long letter explaining what has happened. I think it's a good enough letter for them to change their mind in the reconsideration stage and approve me. I twisted all their words around like they do to us in our denial letters.

    Well, good job on getting approved so soon.
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    Congratulations!Ihave a few questions,if you dont mind,
    Did you have an attorney to help you,or did you do it on your own? DO I have to give up everything to get SSD.should
    i go for a leave before they will consider my app.ALSO
    I am employed full time but due to the Fibro,im lucky to work 10 hours a week,due to pain from fibro and periferial neuropathy.Although i try .i work with a wheelchair ,the walking causes muscle spasms and pain.I am so dis couraged.
    I dont know where to start.

  4. teach6

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    I don't have any ideas for you, sorry. I'm in the process of appealing my denial for both SSDI and disability retirement. Thanks God for the attorney I have hired for my retirement. He will be doing almost all the work for me and all I have to do is sign the checks!

    I am lucky because I am on LTD and that will continue in full until I get the others approved. Then they will reduce it by the amount I received from other sources. I also had quite a bit in my savings account when I started this journey. I've spent some, but mostly for things like a scooter and a new van in which to carry the scooter.

    I'm also still receiving alimony, for 11 more months. I sure screwed myslf on that one. I was trying to be nice to a jerk and now I could have used a reduced amount for the rest of my life, but I won't be getting it.

    Good luck to you. I was going to ask if you had equity in your home to take out a loan, but if you're selling it that won't do a lot.

  5. Mikie

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    I'm so happy you got approved. I'm still waiting for them to reset the hearing date after the judge took early retirement.

    Love, Mikie
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    That sounds great but too good to be true. May I ask what state are you in? I'm from southern Calif. and I know the process time is 5 months after filling initial claim because I just did mine and was told that on the phone interview. Are you sure they didn't mean that you will be getting SSI in 5 months because the SSD usually takes much longer but then maybe things are changing. The requirement for SSI is that you be broke so you would qualify for that. Hopefully you will get income from sale of house to hold you over. That's what I had to do, then moved into a senior housing apt (my husband is over 55 so we could qualify). Also good suggestions from others about going to community type assistance.

    Good luck to you.
  7. BeaconLight

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    Congratulations Dan! The money will be a blessing when you finally get it! I was lucky also. I filed in March of 2002 and was told that it takes 6 months for receive the reward or the denial. I followed the process of the application, and in one conversation with the SS office, they actually told me the name and the number of the lady who had the final say! I called her, and my application was sitting right in front of her. I know that I shaved off a lot of time because she had questions for me. Because I had not seen a doctor in the previous 6 months, she set up appointments for me (free) to see a doctor and a psychiatrist to be evaluated. While I was waiting on the decision, I sought and received care at a public clinic. Hard on the pride, but a blessing in the end. I wanted to take advantage of every thing that was available to me. As I said earlier, I called every month up until I got the number of the final decision maker. After I saw the docs, I called her every two weeks until the sixth month! She had known the decision for two of those months, but due to processing and paperwork, it literally took exactly six months almost to the day! I found out in August that I would get my first check in September. And they sent me a huge check to pay for the six months I had waited! Anyway, congratulations again, and God bless you!

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    I'm so happy for you. I'm still in limbo for my case. I was unable to work starting in April of 2001. I applied in June of 2001. I was denied three times, then it went to a judge. I was suppose to see the judge in June of 2002, it was posponed because of vacations for Judge and my Lawyer. Then my hearing in August 2002 was posponed because my lawyer was to sick to come, next appointment...September, I came, my lawyer was not there. Her son hurt himself at school. Again it was postponed to November!

    Thank god my lawyer was there in November. She kept telling me, don't worry it looks very good, even the judge's assistant said it looks good. Unfortunately...the judge did not think so. Because I ran out of money in december of 2001 I was forced to use a free hospital (In Chicago it's Cook County) Where your appointment to see a specialist is a 6 month wait!

    The judge said that he needed to know how many pain points I have with my fibromylangia, and just how bad my chronic Fatigue is. Soooo, once again the hearing was postponed, I was to see a specialist and a psychiatrist.

    I saw a rheumetologist, (WOW, are they expensive, $100 for one vist. Thank god my aunt loaned me the money) He stated in writing that I am unable to work because of my CIDS and that I have 16 pain points for my fibromylangia.

    I called my lawyer near Christmas hoping to hear what the Judge said when he read the Rheum. statement. She said something about it being deferred to someone else. That it was not denied, and I may hear something in the next two weeks.(Whew) I tell you, If I hear about another postponement. If you hear a scream coming from nowhere, that'll be me!

    I heard it was hard getting SSD, I never imagined the ingnorance of everyone about the disease. My GP, my family, my friends, my lawyer, and even the Judge. Not much is known about CIDS and Fibro. I think the biggest thing that we need to do is educate the legal system, and the public.

    No we are not faking it. Our pains are very real. Our Cognitive problems are genuine. And I swear, if I could I would be working now.

    Sorry for the long rant, but this thing has taken over my life. Ruined it. I pray that the medical system takes it seriously enough to try and help us with our invisible disease.
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    I was applied for SSD in May 2002. The local doctors at the state social service agency concurred with my own doctors in August. Then my file was randomly sent to the regional office for an audit and I never received notification until the day after I received my award in November. My initial award covered the months of August, September and October. I had been off from work since February and was told there was a five month waiting period until the award kicked in. Thus, making it August 2002. I hate to say this but I did not fair so well during those nine months. I had no pay from my employer because my condition didn't qualify me for short term or long term disability. Why? Because it is a "chronic" condition. It is ashame what the system does to people who are disabled. I am still recovering from those months with no income and will be for a few years. SSD does not allow Medicare until after you have been disabled for two years. Thus, I am paying health insurance out of my own pocket under COBRA. Even though I get a break with COBRA it is still horribly expensive. I don't understand how you can pay Medicare insurance premiums for a number of years and then when you are disabled you aren't allowed to use that insurance. Insurance companies are not allowed to do this. On the positive side the only thing I can say is that I have tried to maintain an attitude of gratitude and this gets me through another day.