Guess what I got for Christmas!!!!!.......

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by ruthiepie, Dec 26, 2002.

  1. ruthiepie

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    a jury summons!!!!....GREAT!!!...just what I wanted...yeah, right.....will be calling my doc first thing tomorrow morning to get a note for the court clerk.....I don't think they would excuse me every 30 or 40 minutes to go to the bathroom and wonder what would happen when the muscle jerks started!!!!.....has anyone else gotten off of jury duty because of FMS????.......God Bless You...
  2. spaz

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    Hello, Yes I got off 2 times so far.The last time they included a little note telling me that this excuse won't work all the time. There is no way I could sit still for that long. Plus.. what good would we be when we can't remember yesterday? let alone a court case! Good Luck! Spaz
  3. JaciBart

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    In the questioning right up front tell them that the Govt has caused so many of these illnesses, what with the mind control experiments, gulf war syndrome, our deadly vaccines, and the only thing that really helps you cope with life is the opiates.

    I think that would do it.

  4. dlizard

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    you go girl... you know that would work!!!!!!!! LOL
  5. My rheumatologist gave me a slip, he said that its too hard for us fibro people to sit for that long. Ask for one, I certainly would and did!! They accepted it. Knock wood, I hope I don't get another one!
  6. karen55

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    I got out of it 3 months ago because I had a doc's appointment and when I called they told me to write an explanation on the back of the summons, sign it and send it and a copy of the appointment card back in. I wrote all the things I was under treatment for on it but I doubt if it will work this time. I think I may mention it to my doc today though at my regular appointment.
  7. Mikie

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    Just tell them up front that you are in pain, on medications, have cognitive problems, and wouldn't want yourself on your own trial because pain can interfere with logic and fairness. Tell them you may hold up the trial if you become sick and they might have to call in the alternate. If that isn't impressing them, express an opinion that the defendant is either definitely guilty or innocent and nothing is going to change your mind. If you have been involved in a situation or litigation of a similar nature, talk about it and how it would affect your ability to render a fair decision.

    Obviously, I've been there, done that, and gotten the tee shirt. We are sick. Let others who do not carry our burdens serve the judicial system.

    Love, Mikie
  8. Milo83

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    I only got one years ago, I took it straight to my pshyciatrist, and he said NO WAY, he filled it out and never heard anything from them again..
    Besides my FM, I've had Disc problems in my back years before, and also suffer from anxiety/depression problems..
    Plus the fact I still get some panic attacks, I could just see me sitting in a court room.....LOL..
    Take Care................Donna
  9. sofy

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    Many years ago I was on a jury for 3 months and it was a valuable experience. Someone has to do it and I would do it again in a minute except that my cognitive switch is faulty. If you can, do it but if physical or mental problems make you a poor canidate just send the form to your md with a note and the problem is fixed.
  10. LauraLea

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    just write everything backwards and act like there's nothing wrong with it... Not to far from the HTURT :)
  11. contessa

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    All Jurors are called, few are chosen. After the case is explained and your interview comes up your answer should be - No way could I remain impartial in this case. Judge Then you are dismissed automatically. Judges second question was: anyone with medical problems that prevent you from being able to sit through the trial is also dismissed - no notes from doctors needed. The attorneys want people that will be on their side in the case and are very very careful of who is chosen. I would have loved to serve, but the first case I was prejudicial (he was a child molester) - and the next two cases were plea bargained before going to trial. Dismissed without ever getting a chance. The district attorney did call me after the trial to let me know the molester was convicted - he took me aside after the jury was chosen and interviewed me about abused children in general. Guess I must have made an impact on him somehow. Everyone was very nice at court.
  12. granmama

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    I called my primary and explained the summons, they faxed a letter to the court that I was in pain, under medication and had cognitive(memory) problems.
    Not to mention, I might fall asleep during the trial!

  13. Sonnet

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    So Santa didn't bring you a new body either??????

    Ho HO Ho

    Take CAre Sonnet