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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by paulmack, Dec 30, 2006.

  1. paulmack

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    It's Hogmanay here in Scotland,thats New Year's Eve to everyone else,traditionally a time of excess indulgence,both with food & of course alcohol.
    I shall be going to my local pub tonight about 10pm to bring in the Bell's,but hopefully be home for 1am,can't seem to celebrate like I used to,bit of a lightweight now.
    So I wanted to wish all my friends on the Board a very Happy New Year & hope all your pains aren't too bad.I think we should also remember those with Fibro/CFS that are much worse than us & maybe do not have access to the Internet or others to help them.It can be a tough DD as you know.
    Check out my profile for my New Years card to you all.
    You could also check out the website below for a traditional tune for the New Year.
    Have a Guid Yin,

    Best Wishes,Paul
  2. boltchik

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    Happy New Year to you also! Hope you have fun going out tonight. We have had the stomach flu in my house the past couple of days, plus my hubby (who is a firefighter/medic) has to work today, so we will be home tonight. Would have loved to go celebrate with family/friends, but sometimes it just doesn't work out. That's okay, still looking forward to a Happy New Year. Cheers! Kim :)
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    Got Nytt Aar!

  4. carebelle

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    Think you were better off then me?
  5. Cromwell

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    Is that Bell's whisky you would be talking about???

    Have a drink on me!!! Enjoy.

    Love Annie Cromwell

    You may recall I lived in Forres for a wee while, loved it there. Now in Upstate New York, comment.
  6. paulmack

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    Thanks for all your kind wishes.Hope you all had a grand time last night.Mine's turned out very quiet as I didn't go to the pub,just enjoyed watching the Hogmanay celebrations on telly with my family & a few bottles of cold beer.No Annie I didn't take any Bell's Whisky,that normally takes it's toll on me,LOL.
    Scotland had severe gales last night with torrential rain & the main street parties in Glasgow's George Sq & Edinburgh's Princes Street were cancelled due to the weather so there was no way I was venturing out in that.
    Kim,hope everyone's feeling better today.
    Hey Rock,Got Nytt Aar to you as well,LOL.

    Best Wishes,Paul.
  7. Rosiebud

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    I gave up on the pubs a good few years ago but always managed to stay up to bring in the bells.

    Last night, though tucked up in bed with hubby watching Jools Holland.....flicked to the typical Scottish trash but not for long.

    Hope you werent blown away last night.

    A Happy New Year to you Paul

  8. Rosiebud

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  9. paulmack

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    Guid New Year to you as well.Didn't go to pub on Hogmanay,the weather was too wild as you know.Have made up for it the the past 2 days tho.Hic Hic!!!!!
    Hope you enjoyed yours,all the best,Paul.