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    Guidance for Fibromyalgia Patients Who Are Having Elective Surgery

    by The Oregon Fibromyalgia Team

    If you are having a major surgical procedure, there are some issues that you may wish to discuss with your surgeon and anesthesiologist that could reduce the "fibro-flare" that often occurs after surgery in Fibromyalgia patients.

    1. Request that you wear a soft neck collar and minimize neck hyperextension (if an endotracheal tube is anticipated).

    2. Request that your arm with the intravenous line be kept near your body, not away from your body or over your head.

    3. Request that you be given a pre-operative opioid pain medication - about 90 minutes prior to surgery. Opioids are morphine or morphine related drugs. The rationale for the pre-operative use of opioids is to minimize "central
    sensitization" - as this inevitably worsens the widespread body pain that you are already experiencing.

    4. Ask to have a long-acting local anesthetic infiltrated into your incision - even though you will be asleep during the procedure. The rationale for this is to minimize pain impulses reaching the spinal cord and brain, which in turn
    drive central sensitization.

    5. As a Fibromyalgia patient you will need more, a usually longer duration, of post-operative pain medication. In most cases, opioids should be regularly administered or self administered with a PCA pump (patient-controlled

    6. Most Fibromyalgia patients require a longer duration of post-operative convalescence, including physical therapy in many cases.


    A comment from a nurse who read the above:

    What a helpful piece of information for those people who are not familiar with how our body works...and how to help your doctor understand our case and our bodies needs..

    As a nurse..and also a fibromyalgia patient, I am familiar with these ideas, however, I have one concern...what the doctors think when we as patients hand this to them.....I am wondering just what they might tell us to do with this
    piece of paper ;-)...and it is sad..becasue this could help so many of us feel so much better right away in the post op!


    This information is reproduced with permission from the Oregon Health & Science Fibromyalgia Research and Treatment Team, headed by Robert Bennett, MD.

    For information on the team's frequently scheduled speaking engagements in the states of Washington and Oregon and elsewhere, go to their Web site at
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    Very good info. Are you having your surgery?

    I wondered how you were doing? I've enjoyed our weather since Sat, I wish it would stay this way.

    You can read my post about falling off the face of the earth if your interested in what I have been up to, also the dentist post.

    I hope your doing well-Carla
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    Thanks for this, I'm gonna print it out and save.

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    I am having a total abdominal hysterectomy in the near future. I was concerned about how I might do...and this really will help. I am actually having more problems with my RA, that has been out of control since December 2005. I was concerned about the hormonal impact to my RA, but now will know to watch for FMS as well.

    Thanks again.

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    My surgery is not a very big one. It is athroscopy of the right and left jaw for TMJ. I printed this out got it off here somewhere (news letter I think? I took it with me and chickened out giving it to him.

    I was thinking well this is and out patient surgery and not major at all. I did ask him if I could have a rolled up towel under my neck during surgery and he said sure and for me to remind him. I was thinking well who is going to remind me? Mabey I can pin a note to me chest? Ha Ha

    Well it is this Friday and I am hoping to get some relief from my jaw bone knocking up against me skull (it sends me throw the roof when it happens!

    I am wondering now what his reaction would have been if I had givin him this info? I guess it is not to late huh?

    Well good post and take care you all!

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