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    Downloadable Guide to Pain Treatment Options for Patients, Healthcare Providers, & Caregivers

    The American Pain Foundation invites pain patients, health professionals, and caregivers to download its free new 84-page book, Treatment Options: A Guide for People Living with Pain. Developed by a who’s who of U.S. pain specialists, this simply written but highly informative pain treatment guide (at should also be available in print by the end of September, 2006.

    The listing of contributors in itself provides a valuable index of leading U.S. pain therapy experts and centers. But beyond that, the guide:

    * Explains why pain management is important and how to talk with your healthcare provider about pain.

    * Provides extremely clear and useful definitions of pain terms to help you get the most out of these talks, and medical articles you may want to read.

    * Describes a wide variety of drug- and non-drug-based pain treatment options, including complementary and alternative treatments.

    * For each treatment option, outlines important goals, benefits, and drawbacks.

    * Highlights promising new treatments in a section titled “Looking Forward with Hope: What’s in the Pipeline.”

    * Provides pages of contact information for key pain resources, from the Patient Advocate Foundation to Yoga for Chronic Pain.

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