GuillianBarre Syndrome after Vaccinations

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by woofmom, Oct 11, 2006.

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    Yeah, 54 cases in 2004 alone. If a Vit C tablet, or amino acid caused this, you know what would happen. Pull it off the market, confiscate supplies, big media circus, but let a vaccine cause paralysis or WORSE, and nothing. Go figure.
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    That 54 cases in 2004 I believe is vastly under reported. My grandaughter got GB after a vaccination 5 yrs. ago. Her pediatrician said that he had had 102 cases, not in one yr., but so far.

    That is 1 doc in Tulsa. So you know they are not reporting publically anywhere near the cases that are out there.

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    I contracted this after flu shot and have the milder(though was painful for three months) chronic form that is hopefully about gone.

    Love Anne
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    I had contracted Guillian Barre in 91 after having the flu for 4 days w/103 degree fever...then the next day my temp dropped to 96 degrees,(I could feel something was not right in my brain!)and I couldn't walk down my staircase! 4 hours later, couldn't stand on my own in the ER. Next day, ruled out MS, MG etc with a spinal tap and day, Plasma exchange...and I could wiggle my big toe again!

    Many weeks of Physical therapy...then felt great for 3 months till my body made more antibodies...and then I was sick again.

    I knew that I could never have a flu shot because I may get Guillian Barre again, but did not know about the Hep Vaccines...I just did the Twin Rex (Hep A and B)because of my liver enzymes being elevated.

    I was sick before GB...was speculation that it could have been a Lupus flare...CFS, FM, CNS Lupus...I think it is all the same disease, at least, for me.

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    During the Ford administration, they had this scare about swine flu. He r4ecommended that virtually everyone take it, and as I was in Anesthesia School, we were ordered to take it.

    I ran a fever, had chills, extreme muscle pain and fatigue for a week, but HAD TO REPORT TO DUTY EVERY DAY. They needed us, our HOSPITAL WAS OVERRUN WITH GULLIAN BARRE.

    There were so many, including a child of one of the senior students, that all the intensive care beds and the hospitals were full. We had too many in respiratory failure, and they used up all the ventilators, and some were trached, who were strong enough to breathe, but not to do it without a trach, and finally, as one of the hospitals had been an old polio hospital and had all these old, old iron lungs in the basement, THEY SCRAPED PIECES FROM THEM AND GOT ABOUT 40 OF THEM WORKING AND WE HAD PATIENTS IN IRON LUNGS, AND ALL OF US FREAKED, AS WE HAD NO EXPERIENCE IN THEM.

    They called in old time RN's and stuff to show us how to work them, and took a recovery room over to put these patients in.

    That was, in the late 70's and the vaccines have improved immeasureable since then, and I refused to take the flu vaccine until I got a nasty, nasty case in 1993 and decided to try it again.

    Other than a little fatigue, and a very mild fever for one day, I have not experienced the problems since then, and I had my last shot almost two weeks ago.

    All of us, however, are different, with different problems and body chemistry and some may more able to manage the vaccines.

    When they started speaking of vaccinating everyone for anthrax and smallpox, I cringed, as I knew we would have many, many deaths from it.
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    Thanks Woofmom! I will add this to the articles.


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