Gulf War Syndrome (GWS)

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    The phone guy was here about a week ago. Turns out he was a Marine in the 1st Gulf War and came back with many problems including GWS. Drs. have also told him that he has developed Fibro and CFIDS. They won't give him a written DX for the latter two.

    He did not know that the US Government has a patent on the "bug(s)" that cause GWS. I don't know if any successful treatment has been found for GWS since the cause has been found. I do know that our government seems to be unwilling to foot the bill for something that they were instrumental in creating......

    Does anyone know in what direction I could steer him where he may be able to find some good help & info ? Each day he finds it more difficult to continue working and he needs some help before he goes down. The VA has not been very helpful.

    He also has some bodily damage that the VA can't or won't help him "take care of". He believes he can deal with those probs if he can find some help for his GWS.

    He does have a computer.

    Thanks !

    Blessings ,

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    if ever you have a problem DO NOT go to the VA, they will not be willing to help you. My Father was in WWW2 he did all sorts of secret things in the Army and Navy. Tell your friend to find help on his own. Pay for it out of pocket, unless he has other insurance.
    My heart goes out to him! What our government has done...well I'd just get on my soap box and no one really wants to hear that. I just hope he finds a doctor in even a different city/town to help him.
    I believe my son got something over there but he's still in and probably will be for life. But he has this terrible cough since being there(twice) and on his way again, soon. I just worry constantly about what they are doing to our soldiers just like in Vietnam.
    Like the saying goes "I love my country but fear my government!"
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    It's a sad thing that he can't get help with this! Bless you for trying to help him!,,,,Maybe he has already done this,,,,But he could take all his medical records and his Va info into a Va office close to where He lives,,and raise ,,,you know what!

    and Maybe a letter from his DR. would Help,,,,The documented bodily damage should be enough proof!,,,,,,,

    I worked with at a local Vet's home for 7 years and their Benefits were amazing!,,,,sad to say thats where i got Hurt,,,,,,,,Goodluck to Him and thanks for helping a Vet in need!,,,,,Sis
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    Bill, have you posted this on the Fibro board? Maybe someone on that board would have more information.

    What a sad story. It makes me so mad how the government treats our soldiers. All the money they spent on that war and they can't even offer care for the heroic soldiers that risked their lives for all of us.

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    Thanks to the "shift/reply" option I saw here...somewhere...I can reply to each individual in order.

    cc ,there actually are some VA offices that will help. Unfortunately , the ones around here aren't near the top of the "Good VA" list. Most vets have to rely on the VA and that is sad. I could say so much about that...

    Sis , he is a Marine ! He tends to try to "bull" his way through things. Raising heck in this neck of the woods also has more negative effects than good. I have a number of Vet friends..I count this guy as a new one. I lost some of my friends to Agent Orange and some of the other "nasty" things that happen in war.

    Jam , I almost volunteered to go to The Nam. Fortunately for me , I had some friends come back and tell me what was happening over there. They also explained why some of my friends never came back. I served my time as a civilian working on a military base. Even some of my stories could curl your hair. But , the actual war stories could make a person bald.

    Monica , I thought about posting this on the Fibro/CFIDS board. Over there , it is easy for me to get over-whelmed with TMI. I usually hang out here since this board moves slower and the info tends to be more accurate. One of my pet peeves is that our country seems to tend towards taking care of a country that we were at war with....Rather than taking care of our own...1st , 2nd , or 3rd.....

    For example , even though our government took "fair" care of our WWII Vets , they spent a lot more money on helping Germany and Japan.

    Blessings ,

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    I was in the middle of fighting through my fog while you did your post. He is a Marine and would rather fight his own battles. If we become better friends , I will pass on this suggestion !

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    Thanks for your input !

    Do you have an official DX for GWI/GWS ?

    If so , how and where did you get the DX and what steps did you have to go through. Are or did you get treatment for it ?

    The VA did do some surgery on some of his injuries. They botched it and won't admit to it. There's more that could be tried , but , they won't take the resposibilty. And , even if they did , he's not sure he wants to go under the VA knife again. Understandably !

    He does have private ins. But , he's been having to take so much time off for medical things that he's in danger of losing his job , ins. , and everything else that he has.

    Blessings ,

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    May he rest in peace. At the age of twenty he lost his life in the VietNam War. No, he wasn't drafted...he enlisted as a commissioned officer. He was a sophmore in collage, could have avoided the whole thing,but he chose to enlist. His title was Chief Warrent Officer. He was a helicopter pilot. He died for a cause he believed in. We were only two years apart in age and I still miss him dearly. I pray everyday for our men and woman in the military and their families. Whether you agree or not with why we are @ war ,keep in mind ,especially today these are enlisted men and woman. It just really irks me when I hear or read of those who did anything and everything they could to avoid going! All of these people who are in the military whether willingly or due to draft are the real HEROES!! Having said that, YES we need to take musch better care of our Vets. They need and deserve the very best we have !!! As a side note to a post RE choice of usernames. I chose mine in memory of my bro. He couldn't pronounce my name when I was born(Jeanne Marie) so he called me "Gingareeree"

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    It sometimes seems a person can start a simple inquiry or ask for help and it just grows....I'll still do my best to deal with it.

    JeanneM , I respect your brother too ! I'm so sorry you lost him. Our country HAS to do much better to take care of our Vets after the conflict/war is over. It is a very emotional subject , but , I think worthwhile.

    We lost so many patriots from and after The Nam. To this day , we still lose more each day.

    In my case , if I had gone to The Nam , I most likely would not have came back. I only kept my student deferments active to not go. My friends that made it back convinced me that this was the best course to take.

    If I was not here , I wouldn't have been able to help 12 individuals survive life threatening situations. Long stories.

    Jam , it is your right to walk away from this post. I've seen from this post and other ones that you tend towards the "dove" outlook. Before my friends came back from The Nam , I tended towards the "hawkish" viewpoint. Now , I just try to find the right place in between.

    It's been my experience that there has to be someone willing to stand up to bullies or they will rule the world or local area. 20/20 hindsight indicates that we shouldn't have gone into Iraq. We most likely should have gone into Afganistan(sp) , but , we did spread our resources too thin. We also have to remember that the culture in the Middle East is different than ours.

    We had & have no right to believe that democracy is the correct way for the entire world. In my case , if someone comes into my home and threatens my family and/or myself , I will do everything I can to eliminate that threat. But , that is not the correct decision for everyone. Please feel free to continue in this discussion. PEACE !

    gws ,

    Yes , he was honorably discharged. He still has full VA and other benefits. Semper Fi can be a double-edged sword. I've seen Marines that would rather cut themselves with the back-edge of the sword than cut their Bros. or their country.

    He does know what he can do and what he needs to do. But , like a lot of Marines , he has a mind block/problem with admitting he's in a place he can't do what he wants to do.

    Part of the problem is that the VA is backing off the GWS DX and steering towards the Fibro DX. That way , they don't have to foot the bill. (My opinion).

    Blessings ,


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    Hi Bill,

    Just thought I'd share a bit of my own Vietnam era experience. I was in high school from 1966-1970, and was warily becoming more and more cognizant of the ongoing war and the possibility I could some day be drafted and sent over there.

    As I watched events surrounding the Vietnam war unfold, I was truly torn as to what I would do, but had pretty much decided I would go into the service if I was drafted. I have to say I was not enthusiastic about the prospect, as I truly did not understand why were there and what we were trying to accomplish.

    Then one day, my mother, who was and is not particularly politically minded, let out a giant exclaim while reading an article on the war. Her exclaim went something like, "I can't believe this!" What she was reading was that we were not trying to win the war.

    Some allies of ours, mostly European if I remember correctly, were actually selling munitions to the North Vietnamese, which were then used against American soldiers. The US military were under strict orders not to attack or in any way interfere with the ships unloading these munitions. After all, you don't attack your allies, right?

    That was the moment when I decided I would not allow myself to be sent to Vietnam. I decided I would volunteer if our country was ever attacked, but I would not serve and possibly die for no good reason.

    Some may consider this an unpatriotic stance. I myself differentiate between being patriotic to our country and mindlessly following misguided leaders whose equally misguided war policies do great damage, both at home and abroad.

    In the end, the Vietnam war ended because of the American people made it clear they wanted it to end. I suspect if more people had stood up earlier and demanded an end to it, many more American lives could have been saved.

    This whole experience was a game changer for me. I fully supported the 1st gulf war but adamantly opposed the Iraq war. I look at those who were brave enough to speak out against the Iraq war as heroic and patriotic.

    They were definitely in the minority at the time, and it took courage to stand up against the prevailing opinion. I think most people now realize this war was more about our dependence on middle east oil than some kind of benevolent concern for the Iraquis or anybody else.

    Regards, Wayne
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    I'd like to answer your posts right now , but , the fog has rolled in on me. I hope to reply within the next day or two.

    I need a bigger fan. ;>0 , :>) . We all do the best that we can !

    Blessings ,

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    Hi Grammy27,

    Wow, all of a sudden I'm getting vewy sweepy! Don't know how that happened! :)

    BTW, I seem to remember in a recent thread you decrying the influence of money in politics. You know what Mark Twain used to say about this? "America's got the best government money can buy!"

    Some things just seem to stay the same.

    Good night, I'm sooooo sweepy!

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    Send him to Dr. Garth Nicolson's website, Immed. You may recall that I lived next to a military facility when my illnesses were triggered. I had a mycoplasma infection. Most of the vets with GWI are infected. Dr. Nicolson has excellent info on this.

    Love, Mikie

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    for me to reply.

    I will do my best to do so tomorrow.

    I know what I want to say , but , I can't keep my mind on track. ;>0

    Blessings ,


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    What a fun last couple of days......;>)

    But , now I'm somewhat back to my abnormal self. :>)

    Grammy , I was thinking about suggesting CS to him , but , I didn't know if it had been tried for GWI. I'm also curious how you found out about Dr. Lauri Marti in Seattle. Your profile shows you in Texas.

    I'm not very good at live chat and it often does not load on my puter. But , there is another option. I received permission from ProHealth to put one post leading people to a gardening forum. That site is very flexible. There is a safe and easy way to exchange info over there. (Including email addys.) I'm easy to find over there since I'm the only person with camo for the last four letters of a handle there. It's really a neat site too !

    The info to find that site is on the Garden Compost 11 thread. It's easy to find.

    I think it's possible that the VA told him he has Fibro to help the government relieve itself of financial responsibilty.

    Wayne , I remember much about The Nam Era. One "saying" that I remember well about it is : "War is good business.....invest a son.....". Unfortunately , there was at least some truth to it. There were a number of people that made big money during that conflict.

    There's a lot more I could say about Iraq. But , this post is about trying to help a Vet from the Desert Storm "War".

    Gws ,

    No offense was taken ! I knew you only brought that up with respect !

    I hope you found some good help from the VA ! Have you tried the CS abx approach that grammy talked about in the above reply ?

    I don't think I'll have to go to the Fibro board to find some help for him. I'm getting enough right here. I'm gathering the info for him. It's up to him whether or not he uses it.

    I've heard rumors that there were health problems coming from our current conflicts and it bothers me greatly to find out it is true ! I suspect that they will also get "the broom under the rug" treatment. That does not make me happy.

    I hope that some of the info shared here will be useful to both yourself and your son !

    Mikie ,

    Thanks for your input ! It took me a little time to figure out it was "org" and not "com". But , that was due to my fog. It is a very good site ! Since I worked on a military base as a civilian , it is very possible that I was exposed to GWI. Several of the Vets that I worked with had the symptoms and some had an actual DXs.

    Since the military and VA offers very little help to Vets that have GWI I know that they won't help me. They've already hit me with the broom.......:>( lol.

    A BIG Thank You to everyone !

    Blessings ,


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    This info is very helpful too !