Gulf War Syndrome recognised by UK Govt

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  1. pinkquartz

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    latest news here is Gulf War Syndrome now recognised here.
    local news is saying that the main suspect was the multiple immunizations given out ........people who were immunized but never went to the Gulf got as sick as the ones who went.

  2. Mikie

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    But I suspect the vaccines were contaminated with mycoplasmas. I do not suspect that the govt. knew the vaccines were contaminated. Contamination is not unusual in vaccines. So, basically, you get a double whammy: While your immune system is being assaulted by multiple vaccines, it is also assaulted by a bacterium or bacteria.

    I got sick when an active mycoplasma infection triggred my illnesses. This was Dec. 24, 1990 just as the soldiers were receiving their vaccines. I lived next to a military facility. The war didn't start until Jan., 1991.

    The mycoplasmas which infected the soldiers is not found in nature and was developed as germ warfare. A doc who was working closely with the DOD holds the patents on the mycoplasmas. I have seen a copy of one of the patents.

    The govt. may be recognizing the GWI, and it may even be identifying the vaccines, but I bet they never fess up to the mycoplasma connection.

    Love, Mikie
  3. pinkquartz

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    the Gulf War Syndrome look ill in the same way i do.

    and they were so fit and healthy before........and i was ill but up and running.....i still kept up a very busy life until my case i think the timimg is probably a coincidence, ......but i remember as i sank deeper into severe illness and disability the people with GWS would appear on TV looking just like me......and if its not a coincidence in my case, then maybe i should have the mycoplasma test.too.......not sure if they do it in UK.

    i will keep a look out for any info over here though i m sure you are right Mikie they are really not likely to admit a liability like contaminated vaccines even if it was a mistake....which i am sure it was .......would be too crazy for it to be deliberate .
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    They're still using the same old tricks of claiming this is psychological, it seems.
    Here are two quotes (including the final bit!) of the yahoo news page:

    "There is no medical evidence to support that whatsoever," said the secretary of state for defence, Lewis Moonie.

    "No reputable medical authority whatsoever accepts the existence of a syndrome called Gulf War Syndrome," he said.

    "In an interview given to AFP last month, Anthony David, a professor of cognitive neuropsychiatry who coordinates Britain's Gulf War Illnesses Research Unit, said the best evidence suggested the disorder was sparked by psychological stress experienced by combat veterans.

    The likely causes include their dread of biological and chemical weapons, and their sense of ill health was often compounded by the difficult return to civilian life after they left the military, David said."

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    This makes me wonder about GWS and the vaccinations military personnel received prior to 1991. I was in basic training in the Air Force in Fall of 1989. I had what was called a "21 gun salute" where I stood in line and was vaccinated with an air gun. I have NO CLUE what I was vaccinated for but I am extremely curious now.

    The thought has crossed my mind a few times but I wish I knew what vaccines I received.
  6. pinkquartz

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    in the newspaper i have today which is a bit of a rightwing rag but does the best health articles on a tuesday, before you ask why this paper......

    it says........
    "a former soldier has won a landmark ruling which links innoculation given to troops with Gulf War Syndrome seen by Army vets as the first official recognition that the condition exists 12 years on......"

    this is a huge first step........the article makes it quite clear that the vaccines are held responsible not pollution out in the Gulf or whatever.

    i think this is an important step.......i've been ill so long and news like this makes me hopeful for all our recognition.
    i don't have access to a scanner or i would put in the whole article....might go and see what i can find on the net but i am so tired its already evening here and i had a busy day today....a good day but busy :-}

  7. goingslowlycrazy

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    Is this the article pinkquartz? This one is from The Daily Telegraph...

    Ex-soldier hails landmark pension ruling in battle over Gulf war syndrome
    By Auslan Cramb, Scotland Correspondent
    (Filed: 06/05/2003)

    A former soldier has won a landmark judgment that establishes a link between Gulf war syndrome and the cocktail of vaccinations given to troops before the conflict in 1991.

    Alex Izett: 'They have taken my dignity'
    Alex Izett, 33, who served as a lance corporal in the Royal Engineers, said the ruling by the War Pensions Appeal Tribunal was a "watershed" in the fight to have the condition recognised. The father of two added: "I'm not only pleased for myself, I'm delighted for the Gulf war veterans as a whole.

    "The inoculations should never have been given in the way they were given. They have taken my dignity, my livelihood but they are not going to take my life as well. I just hope that this opens the floodgates for more cases."

    However, the Ministry of Defence, which has consistently claimed that there is no evidence of the existence of the syndrome, said that while it could not challenge the ruling, it did not agree with it.

    Dr Lewis Moonie, the defence minister, said there was still no proof that the vaccinations were to blame for the illnesses suffered by veterans.

    He added: "The tribunal finding accepted that we could not prove that the ill-health was not due to the injections. That is a very, very different thing."

    Mr Izett, who is originally from Glasgow but now lives in Bersenbruck, Germany, did not go to the Gulf, but was given the vaccinations that veterans blame for a range of conditions, including depression, fatigue and nausea.

    He said he had tried to kill himself twice, and has suffered from osteoporosis, or brittle bone disease, for eight years. "The MoD still hasn't learned," he added. "We already know of three soldiers in the latest war who have become ill because of the inoculations. It's disgusting for it to be happening again."

    The judgment awarding a pension to Mr Izett stated: "The tribunal finds that he was vaccinated with a concoction of drugs prior to planned deployment in the Gulf war. The drugs caused osteoporosis."
    I did a bit of surfing on Gulf War Syndrome after reading this and it is terrible!!! I hadn't realised how many have died from it (480) and they have two suicides a month...

    No wonder the Government 'fails to recognise it' - it would cost them too much.

    Mary x

  8. pinkquartz

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    i see its in a few papers....i really have to learn how to cut and paste off the net.....thanks for putting the info in.

  9. tansy

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    by many of the service personel going to Iraq.

    There is suspicion that the MOD used additive, that had been banned due to concerns over its safety, to make the imminisation more effective.

    Can't watch TV most days and even then not for long but I did see a marvellous documentary that highlighted this. In theory the MOD were caught out but of course they won't admit to it.

    This is as bad as the cases of asbestosis that continue to be found. The powers that be knew how dangerous this material was but kept it quiet for many years.


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